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Pinhead Larry MOD 7 months
it's so strange to see steam start to become discord, and discord start to become steam. these two competing would be really good for the soncumer because steam has had a minor Monopoly in online game distribution for a very long time. It's time for steam to step it up

Alfred Ivarsson 7 months
I like discord, but I think it has risen too fast. It sjould stick to what it is great at: VOIP and their great channel based message service.
nate hall 7 months
It makes sense to expand on what you have, discord is winning in the third party voip world and has the chance to make something big. When you think about what gamers use now constantly it’s steam, discord, their web browser of choice and music app of choice. That’s mainly what if come down to so why not capitalize on that large use? And if it doesn’t take off I highly doubt they are hedging all bets on it.
Seth Harpenger 7 months
i like it, can ask poeple what they play and like, not having to slog threw russian trash on steam or sjw trash everywere else