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1 weeks
So she tries to call out Conservatives for not debating her but when one steps up to do just that she immediately pulls the victim card out of her sleeve and claims they're attacking her. That's some straight 10's mental gymnastics.
Abby Cornett 1 weeks
It's pure insanity!

Bulk Smash!!! 1 weeks
As soon as she opened her mouth about conservatives being afraid to debate her she invited Ben in, and she had no place to go but down.
Anonymous Newsreader 1 weeks
She was talking about politicians, not bad-faith internet commentators.
Brandon Spears 1 weeks
wouldn't they argue the same points regardless of whether they are politicians or not?
Rocky LeBlanc 1 weeks
Yes politicians like Trump. Err

XdominicX Palombo 1 weeks
Be Shapiro for senate in whatever precinct this chick is in that way they can debate
Ken 1 weeks
Two things... She's running for representative, so Congress, not Senate. He doesn't have residents in NY, so he can't. But I'm all for any other idea to make this happen.
Jason J Mitchell 1 weeks
Ben can always move. People do that all the time to get political power. She did.
Brad Carrier 1 weeks
Ben has mentioned on his podcast several times that he can't report political news and be political news. He's got no intention of leaving Daily Wire for politics.

Nick Rigdon 1 weeks
I don’t understand how she can call out conservatives and then believe that they won’t defend themselves with intelligent debate? Like wow, she dumb.
KAO 1 weeks
Because she's a demorat and that's how a lot of their brains work...
Vivian Russell 1 weeks
If you've ever watched an interview with her, you'd already know she's not politically savvy*, makes dumb stuff up on the spot - and probably charismatic to men and Hispanics. *She shouldn't be so cocky about her ignorance. My son could have won her district with his Spanish surname, political awareness, personality and smarts. Handsome, too. :) Unfortunately, he doesn't live in NY.

Bulk Smash!!! 1 weeks
Ohhhh! She won't take him up on that and if.she does he will EPICALLY bury her.
Nando Freire 1 weeks
and we would all enjoy it

Kable tha Kiid 1 weeks
We ALL KNOW VERY DAMN WELL why she refused...It would be worse than Shapiro’s debate with Chunk Üger!
Alex A. Gholizadeh (The Doctor-Lawyer) 1 weeks
4of92000 1 weeks
Thing is, Ben's said he'd have her on the Sunday Special, and his philosophy for that show is to take more of a Rubin-esque approach and just let the guest talk.

Alex A. Gholizadeh (The Doctor-Lawyer) 1 weeks
He's even willing to pay her 10k! I'm a centre left leaning guy but all this cowardice and using victim cards by the left is pushing me right more and more every day!
S Richbell 1 weeks
So you are getting Red Pilled great news

Joel Burrell 1 weeks
Yeah, she'll never accept, cause she knows exactly how that debate would go. Ben taking this girl out behind the intellectual woodshed like the political child she is would be so glorious though.

Willthryn Music 1 weeks

Joe Blogs 1 weeks
You cant disagree, let alone debate with a woman from a minority community. That's sexist and racist. Besides, they are born knowing everything because the struggle is real for them. Only through this struggle can a person truly appreciate how the world works.
Reindert Gastmans 1 weeks
Hahahaa the bigotry of low expectations.
Alex Claridge 1 weeks
mmm Regards Alex

Nathan Mazariego 1 weeks
😂😂😂 I want to see how this turns out

Danielle Dovahsdottir 1 weeks
Lol!! Who's afraid now, Cortez??

Jimmy B 1 weeks
I'm trying to wrap my head around the Huffington Post's headline: "Ocasio-Cortez Slams Conservative Commentator"... Slams??? Really??? If this exchange took place on the street, that characterization would simply be laughed at.
Kodiac 1 weeks
Well that's HuffPo for you

PeasantsArePeople 1 weeks
Hubris makes a great prophet

Brad Carrier 1 weeks
Candace Owens offered double what Shapiro did for a debate and asked what the excuse was for her. No reply
Vivian Russell 1 weeks
I still have reservations about Candace Owens because of her recent past. In 2016 when she was still a Democrat, she started a doxxing website. She then lied about the website, it's real intent (she claims it was an anti-bullying site) and insulted and slandered liberals, conservatives and centrists who called her out. Then suddenly, she's a conservative. That could be a potent weapon to use against her in a debate.
Justin White 1 weeks
That experience was part of her red pill story. When it became clear her website would be non-partisan the left ostracized her.

Randy Whaley 1 weeks
Cortez knows nothing about the issues, that is why she won't backup her words, or debate any known conservative, just as she can't backup her promises either. She would be shown a misinformed Liberal Socialist fool in a debate and her real goals, borders, Amero-like currency, and Socialism ruling American's human rights. If the new Democratic Socialist Party are really counting on her to lead their way?...Are they in for a big surprise when the votes tally. Socialism has and is failing in almost every country it infest...The moral majority of Americans who think, and are not just wandering sheeple will not allow Socialism, or her kind to infect us all.

Big Mikey Roate 1 weeks
Is she accepts it will be better when he took on the TYT

Jesse E. 1 weeks
Sounds like this commie is "all hat and no cattle" when it comes to standing up for what she believes in. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Drayton Gallegos 1 weeks
I'd pay good money to see those two debate!
Nando Freire 1 weeks
debate is to strong a word. lecture would be more appropriate...

Beard of Burden 1 weeks
she only lied about her upbringing, girl is a clear product of capitalism.