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TakeThePill 9 months

Chet Manley 9 months
So AirBnb supports suppressing people’s civil rights. Okay, cool.

Kable tha Kiid 9 months
They will lose alot more potential customers than just the ppl in the rally! Keep showing us your true colors Commies! #GetWokeGoBroke

Elias Carrillo 9 months
Sure, let's just reverse all progress this country has ever made. Why should they be allowed to have bank accounts? When are grocery stores and restaurants going to start refusing Americans food? Leftist identitarians don't have an argument for why nazis should be allowed to make any trades or tranactions.

TC_volenter 9 months
What are they going to start to ban people from renting in areas they believe are not politically or in there own belief. There a company that providing a service not a moral or ethical dictatorship.