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U. S. Marine 11 months
So Germany is finally acknowledging that there was history before the current crop of SJW lawmakers were elected?
Anonymous Newsreader 11 months
Do you think that anti-swastika laws are some kind of recent development? Those laws have been around since after the demise of Nazi Germany, and were aimed at political propaganda rather than an uninvented art medium 50 years in the future. This is obvious since - if you read the actual articles - BBC points out that film has been an exception for the law because it is art. Although actually reading the articles isn’t as fun as just making up a story that fits your preconceived notions.
Seth Harpenger 11 months
i think they're worried people forgot about the nazis actually, why else would they try so hard to shunt their political opponents and unban the euro-islam cross?

Andrea Calio 11 months
This is probably good. It's good to acknowledge history, and learn from it.

SecularHaze 11 months
This is amazing! As someone who grew up in Germany, I was always appalled at the fact that a liberal democracy could just put a complete gag order on a gigantic part of their history.

Jay Brunt 11 months
If we erase our mistakes of the past, the blind will surely be doomed to repeat them.

Big Mikey Roate 11 months
Read the left side some thing contradict the Europe one. For instance some games are set in historical setting and battles. The Europe stated there was a push to remove imagery from art and films. I would say if we forget history we are doomed to repeat it.
Rabid Savage 11 months
Video games are often not classified as art or literature in many countries, therefore, they often don’t have the same protections.

Mats Blom 11 months
It's against the law in Germany to be a Nazi and to say there wasn't six million Jews killed during the WW2 by the Nazis. Does anyone in their right mind think that has made less German believing in Nazism or more? Freedom of views like the first amendment in USA is always to prefer. Always.