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Aaron Conn 7 months
New Zealand’s plastic bags aren’t the problem it is their developing neighbors to the north who use beaches as landfills. This is just a waste of money and doesn’t fix the actual problem! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Aaron Conn 7 months
Also CNBC isn’t a center source!
Viktor ADMIN 7 months
According to AllSides (which has the most credible ratings and methods for determining bias we've found) they are centre. If you can find a more credible source and make a real argument, we are happy to change it.

TC_volenter 7 months
There not single use. You can use them again. Same with straws. Why do personal need to have narrow mind on things. I lived in California and would use the bags for trash, dog shit, lunch and to go grocery shopping. Then I need to go and buy bags to the sane tasks know becoming single use bags. WTF. side note when visitors com CA com to visit they steel all my bags

Hannu Korpilampi 7 months
California banned single use plastic bags. Now people use multiple-use plastic bags, that use three times as much plastic. Most people don’t reuse them. ”But at least we did *something* to save the world!”
Magic Yam 7 months
I live in Tasmania, in Australia, and everyone I know reuses bags here. Maybe it's a culture problem in Cali. New Zealand would be a lot closer to Tassie culturally.
JABman24-15 7 months
Nope, we reuse them.
Zachary Largoza 7 months
I believe they meant to say was since there are multiple use bags the amount of plastic per bag has increased to make them more durable. Not sure which has a worse environmental effect overall between the two.

Kable tha Kiid 7 months
Figure it out hippies! I thought NZ was lefty and cared about the environment, WHAT HAPPENED? Can’t live up to your own virtue signals? Gotta stop writing checks you can’t cash is cheap, action is ALL THAT MATTERS. Get it together kiddies!

Pinhead Larry MOD 7 months
More plastic for us

Kat Attwell 7 months
Look guys I'm in New Zealand. nice reusable bags are 15c and the cheeper material is 10c. some people use them but not many. If they do ban plastic bags it'll have been a long time coming. For the record, we don't recycle Plastic bags either. mostly because we can't. we are a small country and Plastic bags are made of so little plastic that businesses would go under if they accepted them, not only because of the negative profit but also because they get under gears and break machines.

Andrew Mackenzie 7 months
It would seem that recycling would fix the problem without having to ban the bags.

Randy Whaley 7 months
Give grocery and retail stores a state tax break if they will give coupon discounts to customers who bring there own reusable plastic bags, which can lower the state's garbage collection, cleanup, and landfill costs, in return the state lowers participating homeowner taxes, and again give the participating businesses a higher state tax break...etc...Just an out of the box thought...Not exactly this plan maybe, but something could be put into place so everyone who participates can win...:)...We don't need to go back from plastic to paper products. Our forest reclamation and plastic recycling programs aren't working as hoped or planned, and we already have a very large island of discarded plastic floating in the mid-pacific ocean region...Maybe one way to better help is to recycle at the home/family level.