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Mr Badluck 9 months
I'm a Christian, and I don't think much of Islam, especially the principles behind it, but people should be allowed to do what they want. Even though I fundamentally disagree with what Islam stands for, so long as they aren't hurting others, they should be allowed to exist. Just makes me glad I don't live in China.

YoDude 9 months
Large cults should have their safe spaces, in this case, to teach Chinese youth the value of believing in imaginary friends. It also plays a vital role in protecting the people that sew discord against the country and it's people. How dare they remove these freedoms from a minority group.

Nika D 9 months
Religious freedom is a fundamental right. If the mosque has proven to be radical, promoting extremism or violence, that is a different situation. But peaceful worship should be encouraged.
Michael I 9 months
Sorry, but religious freedom is not a right. It is something that must be earned or fought for. If Islam was not so violent at its core, less people and governments would have a problem with it.

Seth Harpenger 9 months
religious freedom stops at historic result for me, muslem results in death and regression, so if i ever have a country, I'd encourage muslems to stay the hell away, or they will be treated like an invading army, as they prove to emulate everywhere they go