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Alex Stovall 7 months
It's disrespectful but I feel like they are jabbing at trump and not remembering what the protest was originally for
Blank Stairs 7 months
Wait, what part of that is disrespectful? The truth? Read my above comment that I just posted, so that I don't have to rewrite my thoughts on this total BS.
Mr. Spartacus 7 months
So your implying there was an original purpose to this kneeling thing?
Rocky LeBlanc 7 months
I don't think they ever really had a reason to start with. Unless they were protesting the number one cause of death among black men ages 15-35 which is homicide committed 95% of the time by other black men.

JimmyStiffFingers 7 months
Protesting is something you do in your own free time, not on the job. People payed to see you play, not to see you protest.

Big “DenySelf” Papa 7 months
Rich players kneeling before the game will be the death of the NFL.
Blank Stairs 7 months
No way, man! These guys that will make more money just this year, than I'll see in a lifetime, may as well be in chains 170 years ago. Everyone knows that all 65 million people that voted for Trump are blatant racists! Just ask CNN. It's been a talking point since November 2016. I'm honestly not sure why these guys trust even going to "work" anymore. I mean, everyone of these F'ing crybabies will all be shot this year on their way to work... because they are black. What a horrible situation for them to have to live in places like Brentwood! How do all survive on the daily basis?! It's amazing the cops haven't killed you all walking to your cars in the morning because a cop drove by and assumed you were stealing your own cars, just because you are black. Obviously, all police shootings haven't been legit, but if people in certain neighborhoods didn't commit crime at an astronomical level compared to other neighborhoods, the cops wouldn't be in your neighborhoods so much. Quit committing crimes, get a job, take care of you frigging kids, and stop claiming all white people are racists because you're too lazy or stupid to get a job!

Alex 7 months
A bunch of grown ass men get paid millions of dollars to dress up in tights and play a fucking game, and most of them are black, and somehow they feel they have a right to protest inequality? Fuck them. Counter protest: quit giving the NFL money for these clowns. Quit watching football and do something useful with your time so these asswipes can go get real jobs.
Blank Stairs 7 months
If this alone isn't a good enough reason to watch a real sport, like hockey (legitimately the fastest team sport in the world), then I don't know what is. In addition, Blackhawks SUCK! (Just an extra comment for my wife to see later 😆)

Jay Brunt 7 months
Another year saving money NOT watching football...
George Dunn 7 months
You got it ... frees up Sunday afternoons!

Gerald Garcia 7 months
If I remember correctly, Kapernick started this form of protest because of allegations of police brutality. When disgruntled workers protest, they protest outside of the actual workplace. If Kapernick is protesting police brutality, should he be protesting in front of the police precinct that committed the alleged act of brutality?? What did football and/or the fans do that this protest should occur at NFL games?

TC_volenter 7 months
All a bunch of wineries. And the new media is a sad sack of shit. Why does America think this is new worthy. It’s called Free speech and if you don’t like what there doing; do like Microsoft Apple and you tube is doing ban them(don’t watch or listen). You have more power than you think.
Eileen Dover 7 months
Gee Tim, can you protest while you are at work? I sure can’t. Please call my boss and tell her not to fire me for exercising my free speech about political issues while I service customers. Make sure to mention that if the customers don’t like it, they can just stop doing business with her. I’m sure that will go over swell!

Eric Fossum 7 months
Got no respect for those clowns. You get paid millions to do a job, and that’s part of the job. In the real world something like that would get you fired, not press time. Smh.

Taoist 7 months
I am curious how much of their off field time they spend protesting and discussing these issues they contest. (Serious question, I don't follow athletes actions)
Anonymous Newsreader 7 months
Well Colin Kaepernick hosted a camp for kids about knowing their rights and how to properly interact with the police.
George Dunn 7 months
With their money, I would hope they work with the kids from their neighborhoods, putting their $ where there moths and gusts are. Probably some do, but will bet majority do not
George Dunn 7 months
Mouths and fists

Michael I 7 months
I had enough when this crap began, so I am hurting them where it will hurt the most, the wallet. I have been boycotting the games since this started. If more of us did the same, these fools would quickly learn to stop shitting on the country that gives them more than they could be anywhere else.

Billthekillerpug 7 months
just shows that these players are to stupid to do all this so called protesting off season.

Eric Leija 7 months
more kneeling and make cheerleaders... RIP NFL

Jesse E. 7 months
Fuck NFL football...

Seth Harpenger 7 months
protesting based on a lie, who's perpose defies statistical truth, from a racial minority who exists seemingly as the beating hart of a political faction that calls for racial genocide have stoped? get woke go broke anyone?