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Spencer DenBleyker 7 months
Reagan's dream is finally kinda coming to fruition.

Alex Stovall 7 months
I'm enlisting when I graduate college
Marcel Zhang 7 months
More power to you!

Christopher Gonzalez 7 months
Can they all have uniforms like buzz lightyear

Jay Brunt 7 months
I am a fan of the Trump administration and most of their policies and ideas. However, I think this name is silly. I agree the department is needed, but Space Force is kind of hard to take seriously.
Havoc44 7 months
I have to admit whenever someone brings it up theopening theme song for Power Rangers galaxy starts running through my head
Nika D 7 months
I see the need for protection of space, but I’m not down with another huge government bureaucracy.

Mr. Spartacus 7 months
Enlisting as a space shuttle door gunner