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Nicolaus Gilbert Wilson 7 months
I thought guns were illegal in Canada...
Sandra 7 months
US has about one mass shooting per 7 days. Canada has had about 24 mass shootings in the last 50 years. Maybe time to do the math? Souce:
Sandra 7 months
Or if you want to compare the number of firearm-related deaths per capita: US is 5.8 times higher than Canada. Or, for Trump's favorite 'violent' country Sweden, US is over 8 times higher. So, don't judge by a single incident, look at the stats. Source:
Tethtibis Deseidhr 7 months
it makes you wonder where the person shooting got their gun from, doesn't it?

Alex Stovall 7 months
"ComMOn sEnSE GuN cOnTrOl"

Tom A 7 months
@XdominicX. Wow, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. I've got many Swedish friends and been in Sweden several times. They surly seem to be as free or more free than Americans. In which ways would they not be free? @Sandra is so far the only one who have brought up any sort of references to back up her arguments. Sweden's crime stats are just a bit more than a 'percentage point' better than the US. Drug use - US is 6 - 11 times worse Murder rate - US is more than 5 times worse Source: Pretty much the only category where Sweden seem worse is rape. Where the reason is that rape has a more strict definition and that a higher percent of women feel safe enough to report when it happens. Source:
Tom A 7 months
Oops, sorry, this should have been a reply to a comment.
Chet Manley 7 months
Sweden is the rape capital of the developed word though, with its no-go zones.
Mr. Spartacus 7 months
I would say rights to free speech and rights to self preservation. 2 rights that to my knowledge that exist in no other countrys, and before this part is contested...hate speech is indeed free speech (not totally sure about the Swedes but Canada does not have free speech)

Justin White 7 months
I'm Canadian, and you are right - we do not have free speech.
Seth Harpenger 7 months
are you allowed to defend youself with lethal force?