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Mopeyhornet 11 months
spotify banned Alex Jones they can go fuck themselves

Kable tha Kiid 11 months
Yep I’m Boycotting Spotify, and all these tech giants have been officially banned from my life by ME! Until they learn to behave and respect our free speech these fake wannabe Marxists can go kick rocks! I’m more than ok with Minds, Gab, Bitchute, Steemit, D-Tube, Brave Browser, and Duck,Duck,Go...and as soon as I see censoring on any of these platforms to the GARBAGE WITH THEM TOO!
Nicholas Fuhrmann 11 months
They’re a private platform. It’s not any sort of disrespect to free speech when a company owns an arena and refuses to let some speak. It’s their prerogative as a business.
Justin White 11 months
Except that all public discourse these days is done on these 'private' platforms. They have become the new Commons, and the law needs to adjust to protect speech in these arenas.

Nika D 11 months
Nicholas—of course it is disrespectful to free speech. Free speech is a basic human right. People are not protected by the constitution against a private company, but that does not lessen the importance of this human right. It’s a human rights violation to silence those with beliefs different than your own when you own the means of disseminating that voice. Shame on Spotify. PS Brush up on the difference between a human right and a constitutional right.

Nika D 11 months
Shame on Spotify. Free speech is a basic human right.