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Microsoft pulls plug on Cortana’s Android and iOS apps

Microsoft pulls plug on Cortana’s Android and iOS apps

April 1 has marked the death of Cortana on mobile devices. Support for the Cortana app is being pulled by Microsoft on Android and iOS devices after it was earlier decided to shut down the Cortana smart speakers including the Harman Kardon Invoke earlier this year. Things like reminders and lists on the app will no longer function, but the features can be accessed using Cortana on a Windows PC.

Mike 2 weeks

This is why I dont use any personal assistant type software -- continued availability is out of my control . Still using pencil and paper.

Bingo!! over target...
Bingo!! over target... 2 weeks

Get a life ✨ not everything needs to be identified. Life is short, hakuna your tatas

Dave 2 weeks

I can identify it for you, what you have there is a rock.

michael 2 weeks

There are always scientific mysteries to explore. And if you don't care about that, don't bother commenting.

Ibrahim 1 weeks

It is good to see a product of tech giant leaving the market.

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