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Travel allowed without COVID tests and quarantine for vaccinated Americans: CDC

Travel allowed without COVID tests and quarantine for vaccinated Americans: CDC

People who have received full vaccinations can now travel at ’low risk’ according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The statement was released after the agency had held off revising the guidelines discouraging all non-essential travel for weeks. With the new guidelines, vaccinated grandparents have been given the greenlight to going on travel to visit their grandchildren.

Bingo!! over target...
Bingo!! over target... 2 weeks

F NO! That is NOT okay! You are honestly going to let these experimental.guinea pigs out and about, breathing their mutations and god knows what onto people??? I won't go near a vaccinated person, New York's having a mystery surge meanwhile a 3rd of population is vaccinated... If you do not test, it could potentially spread these resistances and viral shedding variations without accountability. Even people getting the v@x are testing positive for WHY would you stop testing if youre amidst a human experiment???

Rocky 2 weeks

That is a bad idea. Out of every 1000 passengers you let through because of vaccination status 200 will still not have immunity and will be capable of transmission of covid. If you wanted to be safe you would allow those that have already had covid and recovered to fly without quarantine, but vaccinated people are too high of a risk still. Imagine if I told you it was safe, but really 2 out of ten times you were killed. That's not safe. If you had the virus you are at a statistical zero chance of contracting and transmitting the virus.

Shono 2 weeks

Guinea pigs gone wild 😂

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