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Super Mario Bros. sells for $660K at auction, breaks record

Super Mario Bros. sells for $660K at auction, breaks record

A pristine, never-opened copy of Super Mario Bros. that cost $25 when it first came out in 1985 has sold for more than half a million dollars. The sealed Super Mario Bros. for the NES went for $660,000 at an auction. The Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction featured several classic video games in mint condition. The game was the fourth version of Super Mario Bros. produced.

Yoshiki 2 weeks

To think I once owned this too when I was a kid in mint condition, and the abuse I gave to the box and the cartridge, now looking at the price, makes me want to cry😂

stalepork 2 weeks

I like how it was a multiple of $60 dollars.

Patrick 2 weeks

Mama Mia!

Mozgus 2 weeks

This game was $0.99 at funcoland when i was a kid.

mike 2 weeks

Omar is an idiot, sh shouldn't get any protection from the govt

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 2 weeks

Well that sure was a Megashroom of an investment.

Phoenix 2 weeks


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