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Vaccine passports banned by Florida Governor

Vaccine passports banned by Florida Governor

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida announced an executive order which bans ’vaccine passports’ in the state. The ban comes amid companies around the world working to develop such ’passports’, since they might reportedly help society and businesses return to full operation by managing entry to building or events. New York State has also launched its own version of such ’passports’.

Tom A
Tom A
Joe 2 weeks

Get vaccinated if you can. It's the right thing to do, but dont curtail people's rights and privileges if the dont.

Paschal 2 weeks

Show me your papers! said in a German Nazi accent. That were we are headed to.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 weeks

Anyone in favor of vaccine passports is a racist and is practicing white supremacy. As the Democrats have told us, minorities do not know how to get a form of ID, dont know how to get to a DMV and dont even know how to use the internet. This will disproportionately hurt minority bodies.

Nickel 2 weeks

I'd like to see all the businesses shut down for a week or a day or two and see what the governor has to say about that

Rocket 2 weeks

Ron DeSantis, is one of a handful of governors, that figured out the whole PLANDEMIC SCAM and also he understands that mask wearing was NEVER backed by ANY actual research! Too bad there are SO MANY STUPID and/or EVIL governors 🤡💩 out there who FORCED businesses to shut down and FORCED people to wear STUPID MASKS. Of course, everyone can see who the Dictators are out there; if you vote for those MORONS again after they DESTROYED PEOPL& & BUSINESSES over a FAKE pandemic, you are even more stupid than the PERPS in office!!!

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 2 weeks

Florida's governor has the brain of a gnat. If I were going to travel on a plane, train, bus or by any means where a large group of people would be included, I'd want to know that everyone was fully vaccinated. Those who are refusing to get vaccinated, wear masks and social distance want to remain part of the problem and help keep this virus thriving. The virus can't survive if it doesn't have new hosts to infect. Maybe DeSantis needs to catch Covid, be on a ventilator, and then he'll realize the importance of what the scientists are telling us. Unless, of course, he has already been vaccinated and not been truthful about that fact just like Trump, who was vaccinated back in the first part of the year and never told anyone.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 weeks

"The Great Uniter" seems to be heading for a Confederacy.

yuckycrumpet 2 weeks

Another republican acting like a child. No wonder trumpets love this guy. =)

Jon 2 weeks

Fighting the good fight.

snarley 2 weeks

Wow.....Florida. not a surprise....anything south of the Dixie will never be accused of intelligence.

mike 2 weeks

They are unconstitutional!!! We are not nazi Germany

James 2 weeks

So now it's okay for the governor to make rules for businesses

Steven 2 weeks

Best politician ever, let's get back to life. Free to make our own choices.

Glen 2 weeks

It's called freedom folks. This is not a communist country. YET)

Nickel 2 weeks

What gives him the right to tell businesses how to run their own business that's not right

Julian 2 weeks

Imagine thinking this is a bad thing

Barry 2 weeks

Florida's the place most people go to die anyways. They don't call it god's waiting room for nothing

tenoclock 2 weeks


Fareem 2 weeks

i want to move to Florida

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