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NYC: Asian man sucker punched in unprovoked attack

NYC: Asian man sucker punched in unprovoked attack

A 38-year-old Asian man who was spending the day in Central Park in New York City with his wife and young son was sucker-punched by a stranger in an unprovoked attack. The victim, who did not wish to be named, said that the attacker came close to his wife and son, and whispered something into her ear. The comments were reportedly sexual in nature, making his wife uncomfortable.

Yoshiki 2 weeks

Just like the Capitol terrorist attack, people are quick to jump to conclusions that this is some right winged attack on Asians, when it's probably just another lunatic/racist being humself. Asians were attacked all the time before, now that it fits the narrative of the left, it gets constant coverage, not that it's a bad thing to start with, but the CCP are using this to change the picture and changing this from anti violence against Asians to an anti China movement. Pay attention to protests everywhere on this, they have chicoms operating on site, if you say anything anti CCP or ask to hold China accountable for the pandemic, they would body block, censor and try to remove you from the protest. Don't let this turn into yet another weapon the CCP can use against the US, people have no idea how deep the CCP has infiltrated western societies and would use every opportunity to their own good, or just to cause harm to who they seem to be the enemy of the day.

John W
John W 2 weeks

Attacker said Asian men always have advantages. So probably black. “You have a mask,” the stranger responded. “That’s an advantage. You guys always have an advantage.” And then he punched him, according to the interview.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 weeks

Another example of "white supremacy" taking over this country....oh, wait, nevermind. Just some "mentally ill" guy who deserves free money.

Regular Citizen
Regular Citizen 2 weeks

Get Your bets in now! - White - Black - Asian - Latino - Middle Eastern (on request) lol - Other

chris 2 weeks

Poor guy got black punched.

FineNobody 2 weeks

Don’t know why it’s a race thing when it’s just a violent and heinous individual

Pete 2 weeks

Fake news

Viviko 2 weeks

Why are Asians just letting people hit them. Hit those bastards back and shake them up a little to get them to stop.

Phoenix 2 weeks

I’m guessing another black on Asian attack?

Vark 2 weeks

The picture is censored and lightened. Guarantee you he is not white.

Justin 2 weeks

Wonder why the photo isn’t included in the article

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

The 13% strike again

snarley 2 weeks

This is disgusting....somebody tell these Republicans to stop the hate.

peeweeherman 2 weeks

No mention of race and no photo of suspect (even though a picture of suspect was taken by a bystander) ...hmmmm......

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