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Drug use by George Floyd takes trial to a new direction

Drug use by George Floyd takes trial to a new direction

A new direction has been taken by Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s trial following testimony by George Floyd’s girlfriend regarding their first kiss as well as his drug abuse. Earlier, the trial had begun with a number of witnesses who had watched Floyd die but now, the narrative has been pushed towards the question as to whether any role had been played by drugs in how George Floyd had passed away.

edwin 2 weeks

Umm, a couple points. A. Dude have amphetamines in his system which are supposed to enhance the effectiveness of the fentanyl. B. The coroner stated that with the level of drug in the system, had he been found dead in his home it would have been ruled a OD. C. The neck pin was a ground control technique taught by the Minneapolis PD and Ford asked to go to the ground. D. During the time on the ground, he could lift and turn his head, so the likely hood of a constricted airway is low, more likely he went into respiratory arrest due to fentanyl overdose with complications due to covid.

Dave 2 weeks

I highly doubt they're going to get any murder charges to stick. All the defence had to do was prove reasonable doubt and pointing out the amount of fentynal in his system will have done that already.

Braindead 2 weeks

The cop deserves to be drop in the middle of the worse cop hated prison in county and see how long he can swim. George Floyd was a criminal and druggie but he didn't deserve to die at the hands of someone that they worked together at strip club. This is getting out control with issues with cops and everyone else. It all needs to find a happy medium.

Glen 2 weeks

In this case, a fair trial is non -existence. Policemans fate is already predetermined.

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