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MLB praised by Obama for pulling All-Star game from Georgia

MLB praised by Obama for pulling All-Star game from Georgia

Former President Barack Obama praised Major League Baseball after it announced that it would no longer conduct its All-Star Game in Georgia as a mark of protest against the state’s new voting restrictions. The former president took to Twitter and said ’There’s no better way for America’s pastime to honor the great Hank Aaron, who always led by example.’

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 weeks

NBA hasn't been urged by the left to boycott China over genocide, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Why?

Test Steam
Test Steam 2 weeks

Typical. When ever Obama visited my birth country in Africa all he could do was create, encourage and spur racial division. I have no idea why people called Trump racist. I saw nothing that I could consider racist yet from democrats very little to say otherwise.

Seekster 2 weeks

They will boycott Georgia for extending early voting but they will not boycott the People Republic of China for actually destroying democracy in Hong Kong.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Hearing people I tend to disagree with "praising" these bizarre corporate boycotts, means the election law changes are moving things in a good direction. The only sense I can make of these corporate tactics is they are responding to whiny employees, because none of it makes any sense from a business perspective.

6Million$Mansplainer 2 weeks

The race baiter in chief, I'd expect no less. Probably tweeted it from his mansion in the Hamptons.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 2 weeks

Governor Kemp's play was a racist play and I commend what the MLB did and pray other major corporations let these States that are trying to restrict voting rights, a fundamental right for all citizens, hit these GOP States hard. Corporations could pull all donations to the GOP or GOP candidates. What racist or bigoted act is the GOP going to try and implement next? Will it be against your ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation? Once we allow these prejudice acts to become laws they just continue against other groups that some consider inferior. It would be best if you give this some thought before you make a snap judgment.

jamie 2 weeks

The greatest race baiting division driving President is history. At least that allowed him the title of GOAT in something

NeilT 2 weeks

And yet Obama previously criticised the left's "circular firing squad" mentality. Hypocrisy right there.

Shono 2 weeks

If you don't see what is going on, you won't be able to, it is too late, same players in this Great Reset game

Rocky 1 weeks

Too bad Obama doesn't pay their bills and the people who do are not happy.

flinx101 2 weeks

The great divider speaks!!!

chris 2 weeks

I hear that he kneels down and "praises" Micheal every day.

Brayden 2 weeks

I like that stadium

Brian 2 weeks

No one cares what you think !

Glen 2 weeks

Obama Hussain also believes in Communism.

Randall 2 weeks

It is kinda funny how Capitalism allowed corporations to become political heavyweights. Georgia will certainly feel the economic impacts of this for years to come. Republicans have likely turned Georgia permanently blue.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 weeks

Praised by a race baiter? I believe it.

Vark 2 weeks

Obama is such a narciccist. He attaches himself to everything where he doesn't have backlash or fallout.

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