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Protesters rally against police legislation in England and Wales

Protesters rally against police legislation in England and Wales

Central London and other cities across England and Wales saw massive demonstrations as people gathered to protest the British government’s plan to hand the police new powers to tackle demonstrations. Protesters slammed the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is currently going through parliament. The bill, covering England and Wales, gives police the power to ban or shut down protests

Tom A
Tom A
Skot 2 weeks

The current erosion of hard won freedoms is shocking. What's more shocking is the amount of apologists for the abuse of state power.

Met Man
Met Man 2 weeks

The UK is becoming increasingly authoritarian with its hate speech laws and protest restrictions. I do agree that any violent protest should be stopped immediately, but as long as the protest is peaceful and does not disrupt citizens from going about their daily lives, it should be allowed. Unfortunately most protest result in people blocking streets and preventing people from going to their destinations. This though technically not violence, can be seen as a violent act, as they infringe on other peoples liberty.

Dave 2 weeks

If they wouldn't act like animals and peacefully protest, then they would prove their point far more than when they attack cops and chant acab. The government want a bill to control protests because so many of them turn violent "hurr durr better prove them right by becoming violent!". And if its glow in the darks, cops pretending to be protestors and being violent on purpose, then throw them out of the protest. De-mask them and push them to the cops in front of the cameras.

IIzard 2 weeks

It's another case of diversity ruining everything.

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

Still feeling oppressed in the usa snowflakes?

jon 2 weeks

I'd see this as a shocking violation of human rights of these weren't the same people chanting ACAB, defacing public monuments and using violence to intimidate people into agreeing with their radical worldview (A.K.A "terrorism").

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 weeks

This legislation is deeply concerning to me. Well yes police should be able to stop protests that become violent, this bill fills like it can be abused very easily when the government doesn't like what the protest is about. Also it's deeply disturbing how willing some are to allow the freedoms people fought for to just be taken away is really shocking and sad.

ktragic 2 weeks

and it was brilliant

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 2 weeks

Kill the Bill.🤣 Have there been any objections to that slogan? I ca''t help feeling that in the US the use of such a double entendre would have the right melting like a snowflake in Death Valley.

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