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Biden, MLB criticized over Georgia boycott by Crenshaw, Rubio

Biden, MLB criticized over Georgia boycott by Crenshaw, Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio and Rep. Dan Crenshaw of the Republican Party have slammed President Joe Biden and Major League Baseball, after the MLB announced it was boycotting Georgia over its election law. The two lawmakers asked if this stance will be extended to the Chinese Communist regime. MLB has announced a 10-year relationship with Chinese state-owned Beijing Enterprises Real-Estate Group Ltd.

Yoshiki 2 weeks

Of course they won't, just like how quickly the NBA would kowtow to the CCP, as long as there are profits for them yet, they will bend their knees to any regime. Sports organisations should stay out of politics, especially athletes, just because they do well in sports doesn't mean they know anything about the real world, if anything their multi million contracts and their lack of any real world involvement makes them detached from it, many spent their whole childhood focusing on the sports they excel at, making them average on most other subjects in life. Certain basketball superstars comes to mind, their ratings didn't only plummet in the US, China also stopped brocasting NBA games for a while, and are always on the verge of boycott, this just hurts the people working for the organisations related who doesn't have big pay cheques like the superstars. The world was a much better place before all this SJW/BLM/ANTIFA etc bs, such is the divide the left caused just to drive a person they don't like out of office. Now that the west are looking more and more like China, people are still not waking up, and thinks the right are to blame. I have stated many times here, this app is banned in China, it's a place where you can't even create content commenting about the news without government approval, sounds dangerously familiar like where the west are today, except right now mostly only big tech are doing the dirty work, won't be long until it's made into laws if people don't wake up.

jamie 2 weeks

I still don’t understand why everyone is in an uproar over a voting bill where republicans made so many concessions. It is “better” than what was in place pre covid so tell me what’s wrong with this bill. Mail in voting is still available early voting is still available drop boxed which are highly susceptible to fraud are still available. That’s more than pre Covid. Water? Oh you mean the lie that ppl can’t have water no no ppl can’t hand out water asking ppl to vote for a certain candidate like happened in the past election. Water is able to be handed out other than that good grief. This all boils down to ID. You have to have ID for everything else and that’s fine but the min you have to show one to vote AHHHH RACISM GTFO

Glen 2 weeks

Sports and politics do not belong in the same arena. MLB and Biden over stepped their bounds.

Hunter 2 weeks

Anyone that us even slightly skimmed through the new voting laws can see that it is a attempt to make it harder for people to cast their vote. Whether it be by: Not allowing a third party to bring food or water to an individual. Cutting the time a voter can request an absentee ballot IN HALF. Changing the deadline you can return your application from 1 Friday before election to 2 Friday’s before. Counties mail out ballots 3 WEEKS later than before. Drop boxes only available during early voting days and hours instead of 24/7. Etc etc.

Martin 2 weeks

I'm curious. How did Biden FORCE MLB to move the game? The radical right has nothing to offer the people except their BS.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 2 weeks

So, let’s see Arizona voted for Biden and he opened the border and overran them with migrants. Wisconsin voted for Biden and he killed jobs. Georgia voted for Biden and turned 2 seats over to Democrats in Congress and Biden encourages boycotts over a sham which will hurt the state and therefore its citizens economically... good job Joe!

michael 2 weeks

It's funny, republicans are all for businesses doing what they want unless it's something they don't like. They cheer for blocking homosexuals from a store but scream about anti-maskers being blocked. They cry about cancel culture but are perfectly ok with calling for boycotts (I remember the dixie chicks). Republicans were ok with being friends with china when they were in charge, they get ruffled when democrats talk tough against foreign dictators, yet now they want to twerk china's nose?

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 2 weeks

BO, I am for sports and the Olympics not being used by governments for political leverage. Your memory is failing you then. I proposed alternatives to pulling them down.

a commoner
a commoner 2 weeks

I would bet MLB did this because some sponsor or sponsors threatened to pull support if they didn't. It's not really protesting the law. It's about keeping the $$ flowing.

SD 2 weeks

Crenshaw and Rubio are as self serving as they come.

Mar10 2 weeks

Pure coincidence. Nothing to see here.

Jon 2 weeks

This is the only power people have now that Republicans are trying to disenfranchise millions of voters. Can't vote them out if you can't vote, or at least make it as difficult as possible.

bobby_5150 2 weeks

Hunter, your mom can bring you food and water.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

So funny when I'd go to a game I have to show ID to get my tickets but something as important as voting that's waycist

Barry 2 weeks

Do they play MLB games in China?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Some questions for Sniffy:

Seekster 2 weeks

Get the MLB to boycott the PRoC and then they might not be useful idi_ots.

MIDESSA 2 weeks

Hit em where it hurts. In the pocket book.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 weeks

Hey dont restrict voting just because you lost and you wont be boycotted.

Paul 2 weeks

It makes sense. China respects all of our people more than our people respect our people. The problem isn't white people… but the people we have a problem with… are white!

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