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Bernie urges ’human infrastructure’ in Joe’s $2 trillion plan

Bernie urges ’human infrastructure’ in Joe’s $2 trillion plan

Sen. Sanders threw his weight behind President Biden’s $2T jobs proposal focused on infrastructure, but added that more work must be done. ’I think many of us see a crisis in human infrastructure when a working class family can’t find good, quality, affordable child care,’ said Sanders, calling for a focus on ’human infrastructure.’ Sanders called Biden’s plan ’a serious proposal.’

Hannibal 2 weeks

What ridiculous nonsense coming from the Guardian. The New Deal was a categorical economic failure. Aside from successful electrification and bridge-build8ng efforts, most of the economic growth these projects generated actually crowded out and choked the growth of of the private sector. Five years into the New Deal in 1938 unemployment was HIGHER than in 1929-1930. What saved the US was the massive orders for raw materials, agricultural goods, and industrial products by the Allies in the lead-up to WWII. France and the UK bankrupted themselves to win. All of FDR's wild swings in policy and massive new regulations strangled growth and created economic anarchy. Ditto the Great Society. After the Great Society our poor are even further behind. Educational attainment, average worker wages, healthcare access, Black household income and marriage rates, functional literacy, and freedom from crime in low-income areas were HIGHER before LBJ and his minions and their disastrous foray into social engineering. Liberals learned all the wrong lessons about human foibles and overweening pride from those two eras.

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 2 weeks

Infrastructure now means "whatever we think is important"! Conservatives should introduce an amendment or new bill for Personal Safety Infrastructure legalizing all guns and open carry nationally.

TaxTheRich 2 weeks

The government, the American government should be able to spend a trillion dollars in infrastructure because if the American government wasn't spending a trillion dollars in infrastructure then these "incredibly valuable business" like Amazon - that have been created by a singular individual as though Jeff Bezos literally cloned himself and is working inside of distribution facilities on his own, his clones are actually working there and it's not actually relying on THAT infrastructure to fucking exist - wouldn't exist. Amazon would not exist without the American government supplying a robust infrastructure and safety nets for its workers and literally all the roads that you can transport on.. On top of actual US Postal Service that Amazon inevitably relies on, just like UPS and its own Delivery Systems when in areas that they don't want to go to because it's simply too inefficient..

John W
John W 2 weeks

How much more money will they transfer? American Billionaires Have Added More Than $1 Trillion In Wealth During Pandemic The Covid-19 economic shutdown has hurt African American businesses the most among racial and ethnic groups in U.S., with a 41% decline of black owners from February to April, a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows.

ttocsick 2 weeks

No one with half a brain would/could run a business with this kind of wreckless, irresponsible spending and policy making. It is so obviously doomed to not only fail, but could do irreversible harm to economy and country. I love how they in DC spend other people's money. In some occupations where you handle and make decisions with other folks money, you'd be be put in jail and never to hold those jobs ever again. It's so obvious I'm beginning to think it's sabotage of the country and not just bad party policy that stems from pure idiocy. Neither of which will serve us well.

Braindead 2 weeks

Hopefully the filibuster kicks it completely out of the senate. We need close our borders and clean up American first. Like get economy running again and get over the pandemic. Then we can worried about immigration. But China Joe do the care about America he only cares about the future BLUE VOTERS. To keep these leftist radical in power.

Glen 2 weeks

Bernie can't wait to take the taxpayers money. Watch your taxes go through the roof. Never trust a communist.

Braindead 2 weeks

I really wish these lawmakers would pay more into these radical leftist agenda. As in there paychecks I mean why dose Pelosi have a net worth of 140 million REALLY!!she can share her salary on these projects that going to raise taxes on the middle class. And we will feel it in the pocket when inflation goes thru the ceiling. We can't continue down this road of printing money as Obama did in his 8 yrs. The middle class will be in the poor house..

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Apparently our government is a mash up of "Dumb and Dumber" with "Grumpy Old Men."

Elijah 2 weeks

I think it's cool that we're finally focusing in infustructure, as it's admittedly lacking, and no doubt it will benefit the economy long term, but our debt is already massive, maybe we should focus on that first? I'm no expert though. Maybe an improved economy could lead to debt reduction.

Dave 2 weeks

Human infrastructure, like Gotham City where there's just giant human statues everywhere holding up roads and buildings?

Charles 2 weeks

Remember when Obama tried to point out our infrastructure is crumbling? Republicans acted like the world was gonna end. Their heads all but exploded. The debt, the DEBT!! 1 trillion to the rich... the debt, the debt! Another trillion in bailouts... whine about the debt some more.

Brayden 2 weeks

That dose not look good

Randy 2 weeks

Child Care is in the home. Reduce the need for two workers.

Mutatis 2 weeks

These people just make up nonsense words to push nonsense ideas.

Indo 2 weeks

Think ahead and go on. You need major structural changes. Stop, look, go. Not vroom vroom honk honk.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 weeks

Sounds like this is what was set up for when Hillary was supposed to win. Chinese companies were going to build the infrastructure but then Trump won. A few Chinese businesses went bust when Trump won. A few politicians are going to make a buck out of this.

Jon 2 weeks

Good we need it.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 weeks

How much money is Bernie going to contribute? Bully Byethen? Just asking.

Glen 2 weeks

The American government isn't paying for anything. The American taxpayers will pay out their nose for all this pork.

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