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Personal data of 533 million Facebook users leaks online

Personal data of 533 million Facebook users leaks online

Personal data from 533 million Facebook accounts, including personal information such as phone numbers, full names, and email addresses, have leaked online for free. The data of users from 106 nations, including over 32 million from the US, was posted on an obscure hacking forum. Facebook has downplayed the significance of the leak saying the data is ’old’, from a previously-reported leak in 2019.

Leonard 2 weeks

Facebook is the scurge of modern times. Delete it. Or don't complain when your entire history, and all your private pictures, and private information get put out in public. You put it on there, so no whining.

Barry MC
Barry MC 2 weeks

I used facebook with a fake name for a little while and accidentally found out ways to get people's phone numbers if they were using the mobile app (when it was newer). I can't imagine what people would dig up if they were actually trying to find those exploits.

Jon 2 weeks

Good. Now delete it. Oh, wait, they mean that they've already lost it and 500 million of you suckers are exposed. Well, can't say I didn't see this coming, you'll not fund MY data in there. Unless Facebook has been illegally harvesting my identity without my even having an account. Wow, wouldn't that put them at FULL RISK for legal action? I hope they didn't do that...

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 weeks

If you're low IQ enough to touch that platform you probably vote Democrat. Twitter and Instagram included.

a commoner
a commoner 2 weeks

Doesn't matter. Wherever you share your information it either has been, is currently, or will be hacked. Be diligent my friends. Watch your bank and credit accounts, and act swiftly if you see something that ain't right.

stalepork 2 weeks

“Website for hackers” lmao.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 weeks

Good. effed up book and suckerberg need to both go into the dustbin of bad ideas.

Jupiter 2 weeks

I’m a bit confused.. I got an email saying someone else tried logging into my Facebook account so now the account is locked... but I don’t have a Facebook account..? Maybe I do but I forgot about it. Dunno if it has to do anything with this but it makes me a bit concerned that it could be

Trevelyn 2 weeks

My suspicion sold by a insider at Facebook to the highest bidder .

Vark 2 weeks

I stopped using FB in 2016 when they first began to censor people.

Robert 2 weeks

I mean, where else??🤣

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 2 weeks

Good I stopped and deleted my social media accounts.

AD C 2 weeks

The more a company collects data on its users, the more of a rewarding target it is for hackers. Unfortunately, aything connected to the internet can be hacked, it's just a matter of having enough time and resources.

Patty 2 weeks

Glad I never fed into that BS.I KNEW IT WAS TROUBLE

steve 2 weeks

Where will MAGA get its “news” if they delete Facebook? Nothing more than a cess pool of misinformation and conspiracy for the woefully lonely and narrow minded.

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 1 weeks

Facebook needs dismantled. "Trusting" the leaking wormhole is oxymoronic.

Braindead 2 weeks

Wow let's all band together and sue Facebook and then turn Mark Zuckerberg into a poor person. Lol

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 weeks

Where else would it be found if not online?

Dyslexic Hashtagger
Dyslexic Hashtagger 1 weeks

This is why I use MySpace. I'm too cool for Facebook. I have no problems viewing it and updating my pages HTML code on my LG VX8000, on Verizon's advanced EVDO network.

Sean 1 weeks

Absolutely infuriating to find out that my phone number and email address leaked in this breach, despite having closed my Facebook account permanently over a year ago 😠 In an alternative world these companies would be held liable when MY privacy is breached. However, I guess it was my mistake when I firdt signed up for Facebook (as a minor) that I had any expectation of privacy to begin with.

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