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Florida officials declare emergency, order residents to vacate houses

Florida officials declare emergency, order residents to vacate houses

A state of emergency was declared on Saturday for the residents of Tampa Bay. This decision came due to a large leak from a toxic waste reservoir that holds ’millions of gallons of water containing phosphorous and nitrogen from an old phosphate plant.’ More than 300 homes around the reservoir received a text to evacuate their homes on an immediate basis.

Cooper 2 weeks

This feels like the personification of corruption... Government officials not taking seriously the security of a public water supply screams underfunding. Underfunding is the result of some government official(s) prioritizing something else ahead of a safe & secure water supply for the citizenry. Was it tax cuts for the wealthy that siphoned off the maintenance & security budget for the water supply?

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 weeks

The republicans once again showing just how much they actually care about their ppl. Come here and give me a big toxic hug.

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 2 weeks

Forbidden Mountain Dew

michael 2 weeks

I wonder if florida has weak EPA enforcement.

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 2 weeks

Get it together Florida govt. u should be embarrassed.

Doug 2 weeks

Pokey Point Wikipedia article:

Randall 2 weeks

This is what happens when you defund the EPA. Thank DJT for that. However, the corporation responsible was able to pay great bonuses to top executives. So, that's good. Right?

Jon 2 weeks

Wow. Well, I guess that's one way to take our minds off Covid. How long has that nightmare been brewing?

Shono 2 weeks

Notice this story pops up right after Florida wants to ban vaccine passports

Chance 2 weeks

At least the emergency announcement went off without a hitch?

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