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LG is closing down its mobile phone business

LG is closing down its mobile phone business

LG Electronics announced Monday that it will be closing its loss-making mobile business unit. The winding down of the unit is likely to be completed by July 31 this year, however, the firm said that some existing phone models may still be available for a short period beyond July. It added that service support and software updates will be available ’for a period of time which will vary by region.’

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2 weeks

Talk about an unfortunate incident of the executives not understanding what the consumers wanted from their product. Instead of chasing the curved screen or the idea of multiple screens, an affordable smartphone with 3 to 6 gigs of high quality RAM and a halfway decent camera would have been enough to keep them afloat. As for the updates and glitches the company motto should have been KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. I only wanted to know one additional fact from this news story, - did they choose to close the business instead of selling it or was there no one in the world that wanted to buy out - what used to be one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. They could have at least mitigated their losses by selling the business, or at least the IP and the production lines.

Indo 2 weeks

No more smartphones just mobile phones. No sense in going on with it

Barry 2 weeks

Aww so no LG Stylo 10?

Yoshiki 2 weeks

Writing this comment on a LG V50, been using LG phones exclusively since the G3, have been mostly happy with their products, I managed to escape the motherboard issues with the G4, and have used every V series phone to date without any complaints. Solid camera, great audio quality with a headphone jack, second screen solution great for gaming. I am probably still going to buy the LG Wing as I really liked the design but it was too expensive at launch. Most likely won't see a mobile company with so many innovative designs anymore, since I hate Apple and I won't buy anything Chinese, might have to look at Sony again or Asus as a second choice.

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