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Voin 2 months
Record low unemployment & hunger, record high median income, #1 oil producer - we are just winning *all* the wins this week! :D 🇺🇸
Mr. Sir 1 months
Seriously, This is BIG news! Energy independence is, and should be, one of our biggest national priorities, lest we rely on Middle East for oil and appease the unappeasable.
Left Shark4242 1 months
Median income hasn't kept pace with inflation and actually dropped. Unemployment doesn't speak to quality of those jobs or overall economic health in terms of inequality or the distribution of income within those jobs. Oil production is not a good thing on two fronts. First you have global warming, which I assume you probably don't believe in. Secondly, fracking is extremely damaging to the local environment and the people who live near fracking operations. The Trump economy (and the Obama economy by extension) is one of wealth inequality and extreme gains by the 1% (including the oil CEOs who are making millions off this nonsense).
MightyMargulis 1 months
fracking is to acquire natural gas, not

Voin 2 months
"Our beautiful, oil industry, it's gonna be YUGE, the biggest & best in the world, bigger than Saudi Arabia." - God-Emperor Trump, probably
Uncle Fester 1 months

Oliver Biscuit 2 months
Congratulations USA 😊 Hopefully you guys can send some surplus gas up here to Canada so we don't get bent over at the pumps so badly 1.50/L x 3.785 = 5.67/gallon in some places.
Beisht Kione 1 months
get rid of Trudeau and we'll talk
Alex Stovall 1 months
Sheesh man. I'd just bike
Ryan Mgrd 1 months
There's plenty in Alberta. Just gotta get that frickin pipeline built...

Alex Stovall 1 months
Boss Rage 1 months
It's gettin there. 👍

nate hall 1 months
Energy independence is the biggest safe guard to the US, economically and militarily. If we tap into Alaska we will be an absolute juggernaut.

P S 1 months
can we get some cheaper gas now please?
George Milligan 1 months
Not while there’s money to be made 😞

ChibiDinos 1 months
As good as this is, we still need to move towards cleaner energies.
George Milligan 1 months
And ironically we need the revenue from oil to fund the research...

Graham Meek 1 months
Ban Oil Kingdom oil and the CIA from any and all contact with said Oil Kingdoms. Then we can talk about winning.

Eps12 1 months
If only us Australians had President Donald Trump, he might not be the greatest person but he is doing wonders for America.
Korvin Carry 1 months
hes the classic idiotic genius. hes an expert at business, economics, and government running, but an idiot at speaking, appeasing people, and knowing when to say what.

Peter Kintu 1 months
so we can get out of the middle east now??? please?
Armando Martinez 1 months
Because if we leave then they will leave us alone?
Korvin Carry 1 months
nah, just bomb the countries till theres nothing left, then leave. maybe drop a nuke or two, just to be sure.

Mr. Sir 1 months
Left Shark, I applaud you for applying skepticism and stating unpopular facts. I hope you keep digging deeper and ask critical questions like “why?” And “how?” I hope that you will dig deep enough to realize virtually all the problem you stated cannot be solved by government intervention, and any solution involving government can be better enforced via free market solutions. If so, I hope we can have more fruitful discussions going forward. If not, it just means you just lack imagination and I pity you.
Mr. Sir 1 months
Improper reply. Oh well. Maybe someone will see this comment.
Korvin Carry 1 months
i see you, mr sir. you a good man on here.

Lover 1 months
This needs to be the American rallying cry to abandon Middle East oil exploits and withdraw our interest in that entire area.

Dave 1 months
BREAKING NEWS: America invades Texas looking for WMDs.

Opher Simani 1 months
I guess we will see dropping gas prices. Make Americans pay $0.75 per gallon again. If he can do that then I'll definitely vote for him.
Mr. Spartacus 1 months
Nah gas prices that low aren’t good...inflation and taxes on refineries caused the $3.50 gas price, if it dips below like 2.5 ish it’ll start layoffs in oilfield again...then we stop producing, opec comes back in even lower, then hikes up the price when we can’t ween ourselves off. Don’t believe me? It happened last time gas was at 2 bucks
Opher Simani 1 months
Well fuck.
Korvin Carry 1 months
well, where i live its juuuust above that 2.50 mark. almost 2.60. other parts of the cpuntry are at, like, 5 or 6 a gallon though...

Small town conspiracy 1776 1 months
And why are we worried about oil over seas?
George Milligan 1 months
Because it is a lot cheaper than the oil produced here...

Peter Kintu 1 months
fracking secured the W

Mr. Spartacus 1 months
I Odessa Texas there’s pump jacks in parking lots and in the green spot in the highway interchange clovers. Beautiful sight Hell I fracked 3 sites in eastern Fort Worth (like inside the city)

Evolved Ape 1 months
I would prefer 100 years from now all the ice on earth be melted than starve today.

James Smullins 1 months
Russia is easy to unseat, their oil costs more to get out of the ground and shipped due to location. If oil is below $100 a barrel they lose money and it hurts their entire economy. The middle east oil supply is being depleted. Dubai knew this and has about twenty years left, that's why they have been working so hard to shift their nation into a millionaire playground. America sat on our oil reserves for a long time and have at least 100 years worth of oil still in the ground. Long term we already won the energy war. When those middle east oil nations start running low we get to change the current agreement on how oil is shared in the global oil pool.

TheFourth Percent 1 months
and adopt a better healthcare system