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Indiepunk 8 months
Big Brother is against human rights? who would've thunk.
Sw00p 8 months

U WOT M8 8 months
Any competent court would rule mass spying illegal.
Little grim reaper 8 months

Jon “Pi” Boroughs 8 months
So wait... you're telling me that a government left loopholes in a spy program that could be abused? Say it ain't so!

Parker 8 months
I don't understand how people aren't terrified
Vivian Russell 8 months
We want to be protected by our government, not from.
Dave 8 months
Mostly because if the government really wants to look at the messed up porn I like. Well have fun. The British people are more in two minds about it. 1. Not being surprised and 2. Being pissed off. Being terrified doesn't really come into it.
Meridia 8 months
Because they are incompetent.

TheFourth Percent 8 months
who fucking knew?

Voin 8 months
Terrorism is Peace Free Speech is White Supremacy Diversity is Strength Big Brother is Watching You Welcome to 1984 on Airstrip One
Zardoz 8 months
i like what you did there!

Lucas Aquino de Assis 8 months
Methinks they took "1984" more as a delayed prediction than fiction, it seems...
U WOT M8 8 months
1984 has been used as a blue print for good government in the UK by both main parties since Thatcher.

M McQuarrie 8 months
Oh look, yet another reason to leave the EU
Magic Yam 8 months
This was a UK law actually. Seems they're capable of ruining their country all on their own.
U WOT M8 8 months
Illegal and immoral UK law, ruled against by the European Court of Human Rights which is not an EU institution. How about learning some civics before opening your cunt mouth?
Guy MIA 8 months
Lol they should all migrate to African countries as refugees fleeing totalitarian dictators

Oliver Biscuit 8 months
This is considered a violation but the suppression of free speech dictated by article 11 and 13 aren't? Smh

Anakin Skywalker 8 months
The UK is beyond screwed. My prayers are with them.

Voin 8 months

Illini Legatus 8 months
Shocking, just, shocking.

the terrible rabbit of death 8 months
1984 is in 2018.... i m confused.

TheFourth Percent 8 months
Lmao 'undue' harm

Will 8 months
The uk has been taking a hot steamy dump on human rights pretty thoroughly the last few years.

TheBornOfFire 8 months
shitting my Y-Fronts seems to be a popular pass time for me these days in Airstrip One.

Spacewolf Blackmane 8 months
just wait bet they'll change the law for some arbitrary reason and make it legal

David Philips 8 months
Who they on about is violating the rights of the returning Isis fighters and those with terroist links If it prevents a other terroist attack in our country I am all for it

Luciferrin 7 8 months
Wittingly or not, Snowden was the perfect ‘slow roll out policy’. Novocain for the mass tech espionage outrage. Now we don’t even bat an eye. We just get on Twitter and bitch about it. A little more ‘Brave New World’ than ‘1984’.