Democratic socialist candidate Julia Salazar wins NY state Senate primary

Democratic socialist candidate Julia Salazar wins NY state Senate primary

27-year-old first-time candidate Julia Salazar defeated eight-term incumbent Sen. Martin Dilan in New York’s 18th District on Thursday. With there being no Republican candidate running in the district in the general election, her the seat seems guaranteed. Salazar built a grassroots campaign to unseat Dilan on the grounds that he hadn’t done enough to help the poor or stop gentrification.

Illini Legatus
Illini Legatus 1 year

The title alone is so funny. Braving the coffee shops and thrift stores amid a hale of first world problems.

Alinita 1 year

New York is in trouble

Connie Ad
Connie Ad 1 year

I am an unaligned moderate. I pick on both sides, but of late, mostly the extremely hypocritical Democrats, liberals, leftists, "Social Democrat" communists, socialist, SJW's, POC's, "gender fluidists", caucasianophobes, alt-lefts, or whatever they call themselves. She is a prime example. Ben Carson told a lie in his book about something to do with a military school, if I remember correctly. That ended his chances. She has lied so much that her nose reaches China. I know why she won, despite the public knowing she can't open her mouth without lieing. Like most ethnic groups, people tend to vote for their own, no matter their kack of character. In short, because of the racism or bigotry of people with Spanish surnames. I am from the Inland Empire of SoCal. My family and extended family are European American, Mexican American, African American, Indigenous American, Korean, and mixes thereof. 😁 (Eat your heart out ignorant globalists. This only works because same language, same culture, similar values, and they ALL think of themselves as Americans first.) From personal experiences I learned that, in general, people who put their ethnicty first, vote that way. Whites are the only ones called""racist"" for doing the same. Dollars to doughnuts there is a large Spanish surname constituency. She could have only a 6th grade education and not be literate in English (Bell, CA. Financially cripled the city.) and they would vote for her over over any other ethnicity. Are any from the left, alt-left, etc., etc., etc., raising a stink about this unethical liar? The media?

Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez 1 year

Gentrification? Ugh, this is such a stupid term. How are people moving into broken down neighborhoods, improving them, and raising property values a bad thing exactly? Because the people are white? No that's not reverse racism (i.e. just plain ol' racism). And there's zero evidence to suggest there's any negative impact by this. Dumb concept. These new socialists coming out like Ocasio-Cortez, don't have a clue how the real world works. Free healthcare for all and make sure every homeless person has free housing? Ok, first, we tried the healthcare thing. Remember the Affordable Care Act? It was a disaster. And as far as free housing, most people on the street have mental/drug problems and have chosen to live in squalor so even if you get them a house they will still be living broke and messed up. And btw, who is going to pay for all this?

phoensunfire 1 year

If all these DSA people win, and that's a big if, they're going to quickly hit the reality wall and get nothing on their agenda passed and they'll be voted out of office as quickly as they were voted in.

Atheneum 1 year

Keep this up other States. Keep voting.

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