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james rowley (Seamusjim) 10 months
I think Donald Trump has proven you don't need to be smart to be President. so I don't think J.P.Morgan has anything to worry about there.
iTRYER 10 months
Or a great public speaker. Mediocre is more fitting.
Mr. Spartacus 10 months
Just goes to show 1/2 of america wanted results and kept promises instead of political grandstanding and kissing the rings of enemies
Jackie MOD 10 months
'kept promises'? The only swamp hes drained involves firing people that he hired and they're still aint no dam wall at Mexico's border yet and they still haven't agreed to pay for it so what promises has he kept?

Armando Martinez 10 months
No offense, but I think Dimon would make a terrible president. Trump is doing a good job. Let him do his thing. He's put his money where his mouth is.
Jackie MOD 10 months
I agree with you that Diamon would be a awful President, but he probably is smarter and richer than Trymp, easily
J.Pluvius 10 months
I don't think leaving the administration of the country to anyone asociated in any way to J. P. Morgan is a good idea.

Adam Olsson 10 months
I just love how the American president is basically a big meme

Jane Ayre 10 months
Ummmmmm sponge bob square pants would be a better president and have a higher iq than the mango Mussolini.

Kevin McAlpin 10 months
I don't think he has the credibility to make any such arguments.......

Bulk Smash!!! 10 months
... which is why he's running for president, oh 2ait, he's not? Okay he's another hypocrite with a big fat mouth.