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Matthew Horner 8 months
I’m completely embarrassed to be from NJ.

Illini Legatus 8 months
The entire Democratic party can be mocked as mere theatrics.
Voin 8 months
pretty much

Mr. Spartacus 8 months
When you think your job is so important you figuratively fall on the ground and yell “go on without me” to no one in particular, then stand up and talk about how selfless you are to anyone that’ll listen
Mr. Spartacus 8 months
Also the title of that hill article Ya don’t say

TC_volenter 8 months
Our country is still dealing with the idiotic idea of affirmative action. Fortunately we moved onto even stupider ideas thank you government

david dindu 8 months
trump should call him farticus
Jane Ayre 8 months
Because it’s presidential behavior to make up nicknames for anyone who crosses him?
Illini Legatus 8 months
Yeah, let's not turn him into Bush.

Josh Ya 8 months
Cory Booker is a racist joke. He is the result of people voting color instead of substance. This happens way too often with Democrats. Obama, Waters, and Harris are also great examples of this
Michael Spencer 8 months
so like our president?
Zersetzor 8 months
Michael, how could the outcome of a contest between two people of the same race be based on the victor's colour? Is Hillary not white?
TC_volenter 8 months
It’s called Affirmative action and other government joke