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Richard Walsh 11 months
Of course he does!

Scott in FLorida 11 months
OK guess what after a disaster removing the dead is the number 1 thing to do. I has been for 1000 years. Other wise you get plague. So if these democrat fools had trouble counting the dead it only proves how pathetic they are.
JoeAMERICA 11 months
Not how the plague works

Seeth Laemmert 11 months
Doesn't really seem like it's hard to make him look bad. /shrug
Pinhead Larry MOD 11 months
It's not hard to make anybody look bad

Scott in FLorida 11 months
Maybe they should have passed out some of the 2000 tonnes of water horded on a runway we tax payers shipped there. I have been there it is not a beauty full island it is a slum of crime, just 2 islands over is a different world.

Billy Breitbart 11 months
The Washington Times article reads like it came from the Washington Post, far left.

Billy Breitbart 11 months
It seems that all the blame of the mismanagement of PR electrical system done by the PR government over many years is being blamed on the Trump Administration. I don't buy it.

Pinhead Larry MOD 11 months
In a world wear objective truth becomes conspiracy theory...

john doerksen 11 months
I believe it was Hillary who started talking about Obama's birth origin while running against him for president.
Rage Against the Vagine 11 months
Who cares? A Republican started the infamous Steele dossier as opposition reasearch against Trump.

Dave 11 months does a death toll jump from 64 to nearly 3,000? I mean I know death rolls from natural disasters are often high, but it usually increases gradually as people are uncovered and reports come in. That is a monumental jump.
Wilbert Diaz 11 months
It's been a year since Maria. Harvard did an investigation on the death count around May that attributed around 5,000 death to the passing of the hurricane. It's that the PR government denied it and then said that they would do an investigation of their own. Trump saying that FEMA gets an "A+",... well(high pitch*)... they did what was they had to do. I just can't blame Trump for something that was out of his control. I do blame the government of PR for inertia, and not doing what was needed. Now with the new dirt uncovered, I can't say that it will change for the better.

Amalek 11 months
Another shithole

Lucas Aquino de Assis 11 months
I find it fascinating how you can see the bias of the articles by their titles... All of the left-wing articles are dissing Trump, while the right-wing ones are trying to justify his shenanigans!
nikki zang roszko 11 months
where's the bias? Trump is disputing death tolls and blaming Democrats. The headline doesn't blame Trump, it states that fact.
Evolved Ape 11 months
The whole point of this website, my man.

Lover 11 months
Trump isn't saying 3,000 people didn't die. He's just saying it isn't the storm that killed them, but Puerto Rican goverment corruption and incompetence.
Jackie MOD 11 months
well, as President, should not he do something about that more substantial than bitch and moan, and maybe do it 6 month ago when it was relevant? he always has someone to blame but himself
Lover 11 months
@Jackie Fox What do you think he should've done? Declare Martial Law and force the Puerto Rican local government, by gun point, to properly hand out supplies? The president can't be held responsible for the poor actions of a territory government and the callous false reporting of the news media. He can only enforce the laws and provide aid where needed in these scenarios. Puerto Rico got aid and their government squandered it, causing many deaths all becauae of THEIR incompetence, not Trump's.

A. K. 11 months
I'm sure a lot less people would have died if the Puerto Rican government didn't hoard FEMA supplies, even if that airport runway looked awfully thirsty.
Jesse Jia 11 months
Im so fucking sure puerto rico "hoarded supplies."
David H513 11 months
Jesse it says 20000 pallets of water went unused and became too contaminated to use. Do you not think that there were people who could've used that water but couldn't get to it because it was in governmental hands? Did you read the article?
Jackie MOD 11 months
do you think they really kept them there out of spite?

Ognar 11 months
We should cut them loose and let them fend for themselves, Puerto Rico is a waste of US resources!
Ricco 11 months
You do know that they are US citizens, right?
david dindu 11 months
as long as they are a us territory they will continue their corruption and run in the red. plus their best and brightest move to the us causing brain drain and further worsening of the island
Adam Marceau 11 months
ricco only as long as they are a us territory once they are not they are no longer citizens of the United states

Plirgles 11 months
Should just make them a state
Oily Dumplings 11 months