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Watheverable GRAMPS 10 months
Thank God for the 2nd amendment!

James Smullins 10 months
Headline needs fixing, it is written as if the gun owner threatened a customer instead of defending her.
TheBornOfFire 10 months
as usual the one labeled 'right' has a more accurate, less demented take on things, and I don't consider myself politically right, just anti-deranged.
Jackie MOD 10 months
neither of them do. read it again.
James Smullins 10 months
Jackie, it was corrected as you well know, but then considering how you like to respond I am not surprised you took the low road yet again.

Illini Legatus 10 months
But I was told this never happens. Did David Hogg bicycle to the scene?
Jackie MOD 10 months
well, this is the first time I remember. no one ever said this never happens, just that it's less likely than being shot by your own gun.
James Smullins 10 months
This happens all the time time, cdc found over a million times a year in the 90's then buried the study. And that was before most state with legal concealed Cary had such a law. The estimate now is defensive use of a gun is about three million times a year. It just doesn't get covered because it flies in the face of the left and their anti gun agenda.

Voin 10 months
Remember, anyone who is against an armed citizenry is by definition pro-rape. Looking at you, Progressives.

Adam Marceau 10 months
muh leftist good guy with a gun never happens meme BTFO

Jackie MOD 10 months
it's that mysterious good guy with a gun the right keeps looking for.
Korvin Carry 10 months
lol, what a right
DKO 10 months
Early this year, in May, at Dixon High School, Mark Dallas was the good guy with a gun that prevented a school shooting. It happens all the time, you just have to pay attention.
DKO 10 months
In August (surely you remember that, it was last month) in Titusville, Florida, a man started shooting at a back-to-school event una park, with over 150 students. A good guy with a gun prevented any loss of life (other than the shooter's) with a headshot.

Alex Nyk 10 months
2nd in action

Dillon Wright 10 months
God bless the 2nd Amendment