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Illini Legatus 8 months
They have your best interests in mind.

David Bauman 8 months
Hmmmm Jews saying Eu is good and brexit is bad must be true! #stayineu #nobrexit

S Richbell 8 months
Rich coming from the bankers considering all the damaged they caused

Randy Souse-Git 8 months
Listen children... The Brexit lives under your beds and comes out at night to eat all the little ones who believe in sovereignty.

Mr. Spartacus 8 months
Just a guess but I’d say staying in the EU is far more disastrous...judging by censorship and regulation of the internet

Anglo Saxon Elle 8 months
this is the same person who said the UK economy would suffer following the 2016 Brexit vote, which didn't happen. Take whatever Carney states with a dose of salt.

Spike 8 months
Only idiots would think the UK would not get deals.

TheBornOfFire 8 months
operation fear is in full swing I see. EU can get f*cked, articles 11 & 13 left me with no doubts, there's an authoritarian dystopia to be averted here folks.

Mr. Sir 8 months
Listen to the banks. Banks would never lie to you. Would they....?