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Michael Spencer 10 months
Hope they don't all have arbitration clauses, but they probably do. They should get sued into the ground and the state should take them over.
U WOT M8 10 months
Arbitration clauses should be unconstitutional under the 6th Amendment. Especially in monopoly utilities.

Illini Legatus 10 months
Gender studies major in charge of the gas company?
frog 10 months
nah just your usual callous bastard who cares only about their profits

Small town conspiracy 1776 10 months
Holy cow that’s crazy and I feel really bad for these people loosing everything. I’ll pray for the families 🙏
Muh Privilege (Real Talk) 10 months
At least they can sue Columbia Gas and make out big to replace their belongings.

TheFourth Percent 10 months
well... fuck