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Master Seph 4 months
OK so when we eventually reach the point of commercial flights around the moon. Will this eventually be enough for the flat earthers to take a chill pill? Or will they say they’re actors or it’s just a simulation? How do they know they actually left the planet etc?
Nrdstk 4 months
no, they'll still claim cgi/photoshop.
Slow_Epiphany 4 months
NO!! That's not a window that's TV screen. :-P lolz
Shiraori 4 months
No, they are called deniers for a reason

George Ashworth 4 months
If they can get that thing flying by 2020, it will be an engineering miracle.

m & 4 months
elon musk once said space x would colonize mars, nobody cared. elon musk smoked a joint, America goes apeshit. good work team, keep it up.
Cas The Demon 4 months
I wanna go to mars tho.
Princess Pea 4 months
He didn't even smoke a joint, much less get high. He took one puff, and literally did not inhale. So the ruckus made over this is that much more ridiculous.
m & 4 months
also he talked about artificial immortality and manual human evolution, still that one puff really distracted the population.

TheBornOfFire 4 months
keep dreaming man, and I don't mean that in a disparaging way, we need dreamers with the means to succeed in order to keep propelling us forward. I'll drive given a chance but my time has passed, I dream vicariously through these visionaries.

vicalncraig 4 months
I hear Elon is piloting... Word on the street says he gets quite high.... I'll get my coat...
Dusk Cypher 4 months
No! Bad Random Person I Don't Know! No Cookie!

Voin 4 months
Personally, I admire men like Elon for having the vision to aim higher than the political muck that everyone else seems to be bogged down into. We need more people like him & less political agitators.

Vallee 4 months
Our lord and saviour Elon-senpai just doesn’t stop

Florida Fool 4 months
Can we send all the feminists to the Moon and just leave them there?
Johan 4 months
That’s rather cruel to the moon don’t you think? Besides the sun is much warmer

Nathanial Fambrough 4 months
Willing to bet it’s one Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach.

Shellyklu 4 months
Amazing what capitalism can do.

elfossea13 4 months
This is so fkg awesome. We started with barely getting someone out of the atmosphere, spending billions in the process and risking everyone's life, blowing 1 out of 3 rockets, and now? WE TAKE TOURISTS MOTHER FKER. its insane that we got to the point of potentially making trips to space economically viable. Mind shattered. Seriously, this is an underated story.

Avi Khait 4 months
There is a porn version of this somewhere.
m & 4 months
fun fact: porn hub wanted to make a contract with virgin galactic to shoot a zero g flic and virgin galactic declined because quote " it would be ironic to our name."

Olivia Pierre 4 months
So now they want to f**k with outer space after messing up this planet?
Voin 4 months
Why the cynicism? No one *lives* in space (that we know of)... yet. Mankind needs room to expand.
Johan 4 months
First off the orbit of Earth is already
Johan 4 months
Hit post before I meant to: First off the orbit of Earth is already littered with space junk. Secondly sending people off Earth to colonize other planets reduces the number of people on Earth which means less pollution being created. Which truthfully wouldn’t make any impact because the countries that are able to send people to Mars aren’t the ones that are creating masses of pollution.