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Rocky 2 weeks

The idea that firing someone could be illegal is hilarious to me. So long as it isn't based on discrimination for race/religion then employment is a contract between two entities. Either has the freedom to end that contract at any time unless directly specified in the contract prior to employment. Saying that a company can't fire an employee would have to mean that an employee would likewise be breaking the law if they quit. Such nonsense logically speaking, but we don't live in a world of logic anymore do we?

GB Oz 2 weeks

Not really surprising knowing Bezos and his practises. You Americans are plain dumb to buy off Amazon - feeding the citizens with crap junk from the CCP; who incidentally want to destroy America.

Aaron 2 weeks

Shut down their cloud

Aaron 2 weeks

Ban them from publishing books! Boycott there business! Punish their racist and imperialist like (according to the modern leftist beebop alexicon )voter suppression in Alabama, trying to stop mail-in ballots by saying it increases fraud! Trying to video the vote counting process saying it is to prevent fraud! "HOW DARE THEY!" Oh THE OUTRAGE! "FOR THE HUMANITY !" .....AND the for the free 6 month prime. Wake up children!

geckouni 2 weeks

Time to setup worker union.

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