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Amalek 9 months
Hmm, interesting.

Slartibartfast 9 months
I fear the imminent great dolphin uprising.

Jackie MOD 9 months
this is what's actually taking our jobs. we produce more things in America than even, with fewer people to do it

United Nerd 9 months
It is the unfortunate way of the market: "Adapt or die"

Voin 9 months
This is also why we *don't* need low-skilled mass migration into 1st -world countries. We have robots that can do most anything they can do & robots don't get paid, don't get sick, & don't commit crime.

Freyar H 9 months
Automation and streamlining functions is going to happen one way or another.

Illini Legatus 9 months
Once labor isn't needed you will see more and more human rights violations.
George Milligan 9 months
Depends on what you “feel” is a human right...
Jesse McCree 9 months
By Human Rights Violations do you mean "DEY TOOK OUR JERBS!"?

Reaganomics Lamborghini 9 months
Robots will make some current industries/skillsets obsolete, but I'm excited to see what new industries will created that do not currently exist.
Simon de Vegt 9 months
I think one of the major concerns is that the new kinds of jobs created by automation will be very technical - it will take ever more education to be able to participate in the job market
Opher Simani 9 months
New tech jobs in developed or developing countries could be a very good thing. It'll open the market up to a slew of new ideas and innovation. I would love to see the Congo and New Zealand compete in space.
Voin 9 months
Have you *seen* the Congo lately? Somehow I doubt "warring tribes of rapey cannibals" is getting into space anytime soon (because the last thing we need is "Firefly's" Reavers)