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Alex Nyk 11 months
wise man!

Matthew Horner 11 months
What a controversial statement Sweden belonging to swedes. Leftists are such cucked assholes...

Luficer Morningstar 11 months
at least the Chinese deal with their Islam problems ;)

Jimmy P 11 months
a while back a read a article the reason 2nd and 3rd world countries takes so long in developing is because "the educated goes to western countries to learn then they decide to stay, instead of going back to the original coutry of origin and developing the infrastructure." you know the engineers and such.

Ricco 11 months
I don't really see why we should care what religious leaders think in the first place. We set up most of our Western democracies to be separated from religion for a reason. Of course they can say whatever they want but in my opinion we give their opinions far too much weight, no matter if it's the pope, the Dalai Lama, or some other religious leader.

Evolved Ape 11 months
I wonder what it would take for the pro-migration left to change their mind?

Steve Thomas 11 months
Accepting economic migrants, which 70% of refugees are in reality (even according to the UN) is stripping the native countries of their youngest and most able.

S Richbell 11 months
Shame he's not the head of the church

Chenji 11 months
give a refugee a home and he will live there. show him how to build a home himself and he has a life. also this kinda reminds me on the countryball comicstrip with sweden and denmark, where denmark makes a black hole comparison and sweden gets triggered :D

Juan Esteban 11 months
the best advice ever said

Jus Saying 11 months
haha they call him a bigot haha

Peter Wexler 11 months
Europe should not be transformed into a new Middle East. Simultaneously, the West is responsible for a great deal of suffering that has occurred in the Middle East.

Nichts Zusehen 11 months
I'm german, but seeing how delusional tge vast majority baths in it's moral superiority makes me wish for a slow and painful demise.

Beck70 11 months
Smart man.

Max Maidment 11 months
He is right. It is morally indefensible to take and keep all of their skilled and healthy youth. They should be building a new middle east that emulates the last 50 years of the west

Lawrence Matthews 11 months
Lol, only liberal millennials would call the freakin Dalai Lama a bigot and hypocrite, haha

Fillyfresh 11 months
He is such an edgelord.

AD C 11 months
Sad thing about this is that the Dalai Lama ultimately did say the Europe should take care of the refugees. Than being the spiritual leader that he is, the Dalai Lama implied that after receiving such hospitality those refugees should return to their home countries to help those who weren't fortunate enough to flee/escape. It seems to me that the Dalai Lama simply advocated for the method that would create the most humanitarian aid in the long term, and now SJW's are calling him a bigot because what he said doesn't 100% match the chants of their political tribe. Truly sad.

Vulpicula 11 months
My respect for this guy continues to increase. Facing a regime like China itself was quite a feat, but now he's ruffling Islam's feathers? Incredible!

Slartibartfast 11 months
Stop telling me what to do Bobby McFerrin! It makes me anxious!