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Alinita 11 months
“The Tibetan spiritual leader, who is admired across the world, also said that refugees should return to their native countries and assist with developing them.”
George Milligan 11 months
I read a report recently that said helping refugees and economic migrants stay in their own countries would not only be cheaper but better for them too. Common sense really...
Mio__ 11 months
It makes a lot more sense to fix the problem rather than keep inviting them in. If you have a leaky sink do you keep putting buckets under it or do you get the pipe fixed?
Amalek 11 months
Better idea. But, no they let them in.

Illini Legatus 11 months
Funny you don't ever hear this from the Pope. The Dalai Lama know what it's like to face authoritarian ideology.
Endee 11 months
The Pope, on the other hand, is an authoritarian entity.
AlexK 11 months
I think its because they don't want any more trouble with islam.
Cynthia C 11 months
Couldn’t be more accurate.

Randy Souse-Git 11 months
Yep. The left is attacking the Dalai Lama for wrong think. True story, you can't make this sh*t up.
Ventor Storm 11 months
Truth is stranger than fiction... more less common sense also O.o

Basty Bees 11 months
All the wise people know this.
Marc Lombart 11 months
True, but the authoritarian left says that such talk is racist.

Havoc44 11 months
how much of an entitled uninformed idiot do you have to be to call the Dalai Lama a bigot
Jack O'Brien-Cairney (The Notorious JOB) 11 months
Calling the Dalai Lama a bigot —> 300 IQ 🤣🤣.

frog 11 months
According to the authoritarian left's definition, saying this would be racist if the Dalai Lama was white
Marc Lombart 11 months
So, according to Ty hem it's internalized racism.

Andrew Penny 11 months
Wow... When the Dalai Lama speaks out... you know it's real.
Jack O'Brien-Cairney (The Notorious JOB) 11 months
The Dalai Lama is über red-pilled.

Lashed 11 months
and Tibet belongs to the Tibetans.
Jack O'Brien-Cairney (The Notorious JOB) 11 months
Member “Free Tibet”? Oh, I member. 👍
Voin 11 months
Pepperidge farm remembers

Armando Martinez 11 months
Europe has a right to determine its own future and to determine who and how many people come in. Demographically, Europe is in trouble one way or the other but they will have to figure out a viable solution and decide what direction they will take.
Jesse E. 11 months

Issen Bell 11 months
Bigot: "A person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions." Oxforddictionaries "A person who has strong, unreasonable ideas, esp. about race or religion, and who thinks anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong." Cambridge As people generally use bigot in reguards to the oxford definition, as the Cambridge one can easily be misinterpreted by those with motive to change the definition, that is the one that will be used here. Put simply, by harassing him for giving a different opinion that the more active version of the left seems to hate, they are proving themselves bigoted and hypocritical while calling another those very same things. As to those saying that it is unfair or unreasonable to have refugees return to their homes when things settle down; if I recall, that is what many people in participating nations were sold on, them returning home later on. On the point of it being difficult to rebuild and not right to demand it of people whose lives might have been destroyed by the wars we had with them: 1. We were informed that these people attacked us. 2. The Government took retaliatory action, not the citizens. 3. We only later learned about the lies. 4. Now you want us to take in predominantly unskilled labor with little to offer that isn't already met by the existing population which will put a strain on the economy hurting, once again, the citizens rather than going after the government which is filled with corrupt people... So in other words, "we the citizenry should take responsibility and the burden of the war because we were lied to by the government"?
Zachary Brooks 11 months
So everyone who speaks ill of him due to his positions?
Issen Bell 11 months
@Zachary No, there are people who simply disagree with his point of view and seek to start up discussions about the topic he raised and why they think it is wrong. Those who are going after his character and attacking him directly because they cannot stand that anyone would express such ideas, those are the bigots and hypocrites.
AlexK 11 months
Isn't that the definition of leftists?

Tbird302 11 months
Next can he say America is for Americans. Maybe people will finally listen.
Roman Sill 11 months
North America? South America? Central America? Which one(s)?
Me Me 11 months
every part to each
Dustin Rios 11 months
@roman sills the only country with America in its name.

Hermit T Mog 11 months
Just hear what the guy is saying. Make all places livable and no one needs to worry about losing their own culture. Not a surprise for the person who says (and lefties used to agree) that Tibet belongs to Tibetan is saying the same about Europe. Say the same about anywhere in Africa or Asia and it is all good. I wonder what is different about Europe. ..

jimmy cheek 11 months
He is a very smart person.

Boudica 11 months
perhaps he and the Pope need to have a cage match for Globalism
George Milligan 11 months
I’d pay good money to see that!

Dusk Cypher 11 months
He is right though. When it is safe to go home they should. If people want to stay require them to have a good education with skills the nation is lacking and a job to go to like the US does. And set a limit on how many can stay in order to protect your culture and traditions from turning nasty.

Herbie Goes Bananas 11 months
"Europe is morally responsible for helping the refugees who fled war, hunger and persecution." Herein lies the problem. Individual European countries are only responsible for the citizens of their own countries -- morally or otherwise. They cannot be expected to take care of the world.
George Milligan 11 months
It actually racist to believe they need our help. Soft bigotry of low expectations and all that...

tacticangel 11 months
It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I know there's some people with good intentions who support the migrant policy, but clearly it has played out poorly and it sacrifices the well-being of masses for the luxury of a few.
George Milligan 11 months
Yeah the luxury of a few people looking virtuous.

AlexK 11 months
If he can't convince the european union, nobody will.

Cas The Demon 11 months
I see zero wrong with this. he is correct.

AD C 11 months
Sad thing about this is that the Dalai Lama ultimately did say the Europe should take care of the refugees. Than being the spiritual leader that he is, the Dalai Lama implied that after receiving such hospitality those refugees should return to their home countries to help those who weren't fortunate enough to flee/escape. It seems to me that the Dalai Lama simply advocated for the method that would create the most humanitarian aid in the long term, and now SJW's are calling him a bigot because what he said doesn't 100% match the chants of their political tribe. Truly sad.