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Adam Marceau 1 weeks
o look more nothing about russian collusion from before he knew trump. this witch hunt is starting to get really old.
Jackie Fox 1 weeks
you realize this isnt JUST an investigation of Trump, right?
Jackie Fox 1 weeks
I suppose this is something we never should have looked into, right? "Manafort has admitted to conspiring to commit offenses against and to defraud the US government, specifically the Justice Department and Treasury Department. According to his plea deal, the offenses against the government include money laundering, tax fraud, failure to file foreign bank account reports, violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and lying to the Department of Justice."
Kathryn Haskell 1 weeks
Jackie, many people don't realize that this is not just an investigation of Trump. It is an investigation of the campaign, of which Manafort was a part. This will only affect Trump if it is proven that he personally took part in anything illegal, and/or instructed others to do so.

Lover 1 weeks
So Manafort was charged with offenses that had nothing to do with Trump and took place before the campaign. Who cares?
Andy Lord 1 weeks
Shouldn't we all be concerned that the president didn't vet his staff. Like, I don't hate Mr Trump. But this is embarassing for him.

Damon Reineke 1 weeks
Times almost up. We can finally see the end of this horribly embarrassing chapter. The worst President in history will hopefully go to jail but, more than likely he will cut a deal with Pence (the next worse.) to resign in shame for a pardon.

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Of course he is, Manaford's crimes and plea have nothing to do with him.

Atheneum 1 weeks
Another one down.

Damon Reineke 1 weeks
Yes it's not an investigation about Trump. lmfao