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Manchin says he won’t support corporate tax hike to 28%

Manchin says he won’t support corporate tax hike to 28%

Sen. Joe Manchin has said President Biden’s $2.25T infrastructure proposal needs changes and that raising the corporate tax rate to 28% goes too far. ’As the bill exists today, it needs to be changed,’ Manchin said, adding ’If I don’t vote to get on it, it’s not going anywhere.’ Manchin said he would instead support raising the corporate tax rate to 25%. Manchin’s support is critical to Biden.

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 2 weeks

Funny how politicians complain about how corporations don’t pay anything in taxes when these are the same politicians that write the tax laws. It’s almost as though they’re the ones that made the loopholes in the first place. As I always say, how convenient for them that the people who make our tax laws are also the people most capable of abusing said tax laws.

Dawn 2 weeks

No. The Tax should be raised in corporations! Amazon pays nothing! Trump cheated and paid $750 for a couple of years and nothing before!! I make just over $100,000 - and I CAN’T EVEN CONTRIBUTE TO MY IRA TO DECREASE THE TAXES I MUST PAY!!! I’m no where near rich! But Jeff Bezos is a Trillionaire!! Where’s the fairness!!!

Rush 2 weeks

"Here you have 51 or 52 corporations in the Fortune 500 that haven't paid a single penny in taxes for three years." If that’s the case the problem is with loopholes in the tax code not that the corporate tax level is too low.

John 2 weeks

How about lowering the effing tax rate to stimulate job growth, and removing loopholes so small business doesn't get choked out by the larger corporations.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 2 weeks

Yes! More corporate taxes for small businesses that Amazon, Walmart, etc. will be able to just ignore! Thank goodness we have democrats passing laws that eliminate any possible competition for giant corporate monopolies, they really care about the little guy.

James Smith
James Smith 2 weeks

Glad Manchin is in the Senate, after reading thru posts, it is shocking how little people understand about corporate taxes. I know they will need overwhelming revenue in the coming years, they are going to have to go somewhere else

snarley 2 weeks he is throwing a fit over 3% worth of taxes for corporations that can more than afford it? Of course Republicans cant see the trees through the woods....most of the right are middle class...which benefits from this. Stop supporting people who dont care about you....its an embarrassment.

Charles 2 weeks

Calling this a tax "hike" shows complete ignorance of history. Look at the top tax rate from the 40s through the 60s. If anything its been criminally low for at least 40 years.

TexasReb 2 weeks

Good for Manchin! He's got at least one huevo down there. Biden is riding herd over Cancel Trump, regardless of whether the policies worked or not, and is causing chaos at the boarder and he is prepared to run this country down the European Socialist mess hole and, quite honestly, that's not far enough for many of his Comrades in the Democratic Communist Party.

Rocky 2 weeks

Terrible idea. This is an economy murdering, poverty prolonging, absolute trash bill. Raising taxes is the last thing the people need right now.🤦🏽‍♂️ And before you low IQ smooth brains come in here with your bs about 't's " "corpora"e" tax remember ALL taxes are paid by the people. They want you to think there is a certain fixed groups of people that we should fight against so that we d'n't realize 't's government vs the people not government and some people vs some other people. D'n't let them divide us. Now is not the time to fleece the poor.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 weeks

primary manchin into oblivion. He is a worthless pos DINO...and he'll never be anything else.

J “dr love” S
J “dr love” S 2 weeks

Locking down all the business for a year now want them to pay more taxes. You know the only companies that can afford this are the Amazon's and Walmarts

jaime 2 weeks

If progressives were real about power Sen.Bernie sanders & Sen. Elizabeth Warren,Sen.Ed Markey would come together as a block & also threaten to not vote for the infrastructure plan unless there demands are met..... but progressives in congress aren’t real about power unless they haven’t shown us yet.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 weeks

Wow Manchin doesn't even try to hide that he's a complete corporate sellout. Maybe if enough politicians were this blatant about it the public would wake up. BTW BOTH sides are completely owned by corporations before you start ranting.

Jimmy 2 weeks

Hey Manchin wants a $4T infrastructure bill. How are you gonna pay for it, hopes and dreams?

HargDevice 2 weeks

Well 25 is 25 which is better than what we have now but we also need a tax Wall Street transactions

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 weeks

This is “dog bites man”. Of course corporate Manchin wouldn’t want the corporate tax rate raised, he will not bite the hand that feeds him.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Not 1 single corporations or businesses will ever pay 1 cent more in taxes. Whatever % you raise on them WE THE PEOPLE will have to pay it because they will raise the price of each and every item by that %, or make the product smaller, lay off workers, and add more automated or just leave the country again. Where unemployment is through the roof and a flood of illegal invaders anything that hurts businesses is an awful idea.

Pillow 1 weeks

Who do you think paid for election campaigns? Only person where MOST* of the money for their election campaign came from regular people, was Bernie Sanders. From an outsider's perspective, someone who lives in a low crime rate, free healthcare and low gun violence country (Finland), American lost their chance to make a real change. Its not their fault, the billionaires basically own the country cus they own who you vote for. You were given TWO chances and you blew it. TWICE.

michael 1 weeks

Sure, starve the federal budget. No need for equitable taxation. Let's just leave 90% of our wealth stagnating at the top 1% where all it will do is buy their own stock

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