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Netanyahu nominated to try to form Israeli government

Netanyahu nominated to try to form Israeli government

Israel’s president has tasked Benjamin Netanyahu with forming a new government following recent elections. Netanyahu, Israel’s caretaker prime minister, got the most endorsements from MPs. No party won an overall majority in what was the fourth election in two years. Netanyahu has an initial 28 days to try to secure sufficient backing from other parties to join him in a governing coalition.

Matthew 2 weeks

Beebee, must be a top 10 greatest politician of all time. For years people have been coming after him and he just keeps surviving.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 weeks

How long before Leftist MSM start making him the boogeyman because he won't support the Iran deal?

Josh 2 weeks

How long before Noah starts making the MSM a boogeyman for criticizing Netanyahu?

David 2 weeks

Maybe I have American bias, but I question as to why the elected executive gets to form the subsequent government. Why not just elect the rest of the government and work towards greater compromise? We went from Trump to Biden. Congress and SCOTUS didn't dissolve. I don't understand why so many countries adopt this form of government? What is the advantage for the people?

chris 2 weeks

Try to form government? Haven't they been around since ww2? How long is it gonna take to get their crap together?

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