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Portland firebomb suspect arrested for trying to kill police officers

Portland firebomb suspect arrested for trying to kill police officers

Malik Muhammed, a man suspected of multiple firebomb attacks on Portland police officers last year during violent demonstrations, has been arrested in Indiana. The Portland Police Bureau said Muhammed, 24, was arrested last week on multiple warrants. He has been charged with first- and second-degree attempted murder, attempted aggravated murder, unlawful manufacture of a destructive device, etc.

Sigfried 2 weeks

Huh. Would you look at that. Mostly peaceful protests are now being called violent demonstrations. It's almost like media still don't want to call them riots but they also can't continue to outright lie.

Good Green Goy
Good Green Goy 2 weeks

Hey look. This was an actual violent insurrection. Unlike the Capitol where a white woman was shot by a police officer at a mostly peaceful protest. Interesting.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

Bout time they start arresting members of the terrorist organizations of blm and antifa. By his name he might have other terrorist ties as well

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 2 weeks

Will the charges stick this time?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 weeks

C'mon man, it was a mostly peaceful firebombing.... *Sarcasm*

Mike 2 weeks

Sounds like terrorism

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

Where oh where are all our leftist mouth pieces on this story? Mod, Systematic, Janitor Jez, E n, where are you guys?

Rocket 2 weeks

Good! ALL of the LEFTIST-SUPPORTED SCUMBAGSthat turned Portland into a DESTRUCTED WAR ZONE should have been arrested 20 MONTHS AGO!!!😤 Of course the DUMBASS LEFTISTS🤡💩 that run most of Oregon and all of Portland called the VIOLENT, BURN LOOT MURDER (BL&) & ANTIFA Riote"s "Peaceful Proteste"s!". What a bunch of LYING SCUMBAG LEFTISTS Portland has!!!

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 weeks

Firebombing for social justice.

Tiktator 2 weeks

About time someone faces some charges. Hopefully they stick

Glen 2 weeks

In Portland, this is a misdemeanor!

6Million$Mansplainer 2 weeks

Actual violent insurrection seen here.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 weeks

Where is your Stalin now?

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