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Denver mayor: MLB All-Star game will showcase city’s ’progressive voting system’

Denver mayor: MLB All-Star game will showcase city’s ’progressive voting system’

After MLB’s decision to pull out this year’s All-Star game from Atlanta over the state’s controversial new voting law, Denver is aggressively bidding to host the game. Talking to Yahoo! Finance, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said if the city gets to host the summer classic, it will highlight the ’progressive voting system’ in Denver, where ’no one is abridged from their right to vote.’

jamie 1 weeks

Oh Denver did get the game and the hypocrisy is unbelievable. If this don’t show everyone the true racist colors of the democrats i dont know what will. You say a bill is racist (it wasn’t but we can’t have a voter ID law) so you pull the game from a city that’s 56% black and was going to pay homage to the greatest black player of all time to a city that’s 69% white only 10% black AND HAS VOTER ID LAWS 🤯🤯🤯🤯 BUT we know CO already blue Georgia is a swing state they trying to make blue. Common sense isn’t so common anymore

Sigfried 1 weeks

MLB: Alright gents. We're gonna show those racists wanting Voter ID laws in Georgia by moving the All-Star a state that has...voter ID laws-wait, what?!

E N..
E N.. 1 weeks

Maybe if the GOP showed a little backbone and put forward a single plan that would expand voting for the people and address the security they pretend to care about they wouldn't look like such objectionable cowards

Tom 1 weeks

Colorado has voter id laws. Idiots

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 weeks

This is situation is a good example of doing your own digging to reveal the hypocrisy.

Rocket 1 weeks

Don't get your head caught too far up MLB'S REAR END there mayor, you may get stuck you LEFTIST PUNK!!!

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