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Very low risk of catching COVID from surfaces, CDC says

Very low risk of catching COVID from surfaces, CDC says

In revised guidelines, the US CDC said Monday there is no significant risk of catching the coronavirus from a surface or object. The CDC noted that studies have found that the risk of catching the bug via a surface is generally less than 1 in 10,000. It added that generally people contract ­COVID-19 through direct contact with a sick person or from airborne transmission.

NateTheNewt 1 weeks

I doubt showing this to work would get them to change anything about the new protocols we've had for the past year

John 1 weeks

Who wants to bet they'll change their mind in the next few days because the woke mob will get pissed that it doesn't feed the fear narrative.

Mike 1 weeks

So now it's..forget what we told you last year. When we claimed things were scientific facts. Don't wear masks. Wear masks. It's airborne, it's not airborne. It spread from surface contact, it doesn't spread from surface contact. Hydrochoroquine doesn't work, it does work. The test is accurate, it needs changes because of false positives. All of these things when questioned made one a conspiracy nut because of science. Yet, here we are again.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 1 weeks

No sht.

Alex 1 weeks

Just like with asymptomatic spread, the public was misled so the government could take control of our lives and make people hide in fear. Now they are reversing course but the damage is done and we won’t get our liberty back

Omega 1 weeks

I'm glad that they made a formal announcement about that. Apparently there's enough data to firmly support that hypothesis now. Thank goodness it's not easily spread form surfaces or it would be much more contagious.

Rocky 1 weeks

And businesses/government will continue to ignore the science on the topic. They didn't care when the science was released on children and covid in relation to opening schools. They didn't listen to the science on masks from their own CDC. They didn't follow established science with the vaccine development. Science is on a fast track to public death.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 weeks

Then how is it that most people are getting it. There have been over 10 different studies that have shown masks have little to no effect. Unless they are N95 rated and fit properly

Jordan 1 weeks

I thought it wasent airborne and traviled thro water droplets.... They just admited masks dont work then because masks cant stop aerosols. Just water droplets 😂😂😂😂. We knew it was both anyways but man they really gatta get their science straight for being the CDC more like (creating dramma for capital).

Rob 1 weeks

There should be groups auditing the CDC and the WHO. This constant backpedaling is costing people millions.

Omega 1 weeks

In case anybody wants to read the actual complexity of the cdc's study, the link to it is here: Regarding changing guidelines, I like this qiote from H. L. Mencken: "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." Since this was a new virus strain, the scientists did not know exactly what to recommend. Some of them aired on the side of caution. Also, the CDC is not one person but a collection of individuals with different opinions on matters. When have you ever known a group of individuals to all agree 100% on every facet of any topic? I'm not necessarily defending all of the switchbacks and corrections; I think there should have been better control of the information based on a consensus opinion before it was published. However, that's how science works - theories are revised, improved or rejected as more data is available to be analyzed.

Rocket 1 weeks

Thanks for telling us the OBVIOUS you LYING SCUMBAGS🤡💩! By the way, 'e're STILL WAITING for VERIFIABLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that masks, social distancing and the FAKE vaccines prevent a virus from spreading that has a 99.98% RECOVERY RATE!!! Why did the CDC intentionally suppress information about THERPEUTICS like Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc + Azithromycin with a 100% CURE RATE?!!! Why do the Seasonal Flu cases go down to almost ZERO during the PLANDEMIC?!!! Because you are LYING SCUMBAGS that would rather see people die to push for mandated lockdowns and a FAKE vaccine!!! 🖕🖕🖕

Cheryl 1 weeks

Remember the guy who brought his groceries home and segmented his counter tainted/clean and proceeded to spray down every item as a recommended best practice?

Tom 1 weeks

I'd also say the same thing about catching it from people the only place people are catching Chinese Wuhan flu in the United Kingdom is from the hospitals because it's rife in there are but this is the thing that Boris Johnson is trying to keep quiet

Kyle 1 weeks

Hey look it’s 1920’s all over. World wide pandemic, massive unemployment and a “new deal” on the horizon to cripple the middle and lower class for the next decade+. All we need is another world/major war (China is looking like a good culprit) and history has repeated itself again

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 weeks

This was known nearly a year ago. Low information people think it's "breaking news"

Tetelestai 1 weeks

they are gearing up to require gloves now.

Connor 1 weeks

Didn't the CDC say this months ago... and then retract it?

Phillip 1 weeks

Is it like now because of all the mesures that were implemented or has it always been like that?

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 1 weeks

Let's see how many comment before reading the article. News voice users are just headline readers lol.

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