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Trump rips NYT for report on recurring donors who sought refunds

Trump rips NYT for report on recurring donors who sought refunds

Former President Trump on Monday ripped into the NYT for running a story on refunds issued by his campaign to people who claimed they unwittingly signed up to be recurring donors. ’In yet another highly partisan story, the failing New York Times wrote a completely misleading, one-sided attack piece,’ Trump said in a statement. Trump added that all fundraising was done legally.

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

I'm absolutely solid in my belief that the NYT has a very poor reputation. I am automatically inclined to believe the publication is slanting, spinning, lying, or somehow obfuscating the truth. It all started with Rowanne Brewer Lane.

Jellybean 2 weeks

You really think Trump had anything to do with designing the campaign donation webpages or ever even looked at one before the complaints? Then you are high on your own TDS supply. The fact he refunded people after they signed up for something without understanding what they were reading is actually a pretty honest and upstanding behavior for someone who keeps being called a grifter. Try getting recurring money back from the RNC or DNC, I bet they keep trying to charge it until you close the credit card. They are both sleazy mafia-like organizations out for the maximum amount of money they can squeeze from people.

Jellybean 2 weeks

I got solicited by the RNC for a donation yesterday. It had the exact same recurring donation and double donation check marks you would have to opt out of to prevent extra money withdrawals. So implementing this tactic doesn't have anything to do with Trump, but he chose to direct refunds for people who complained about it after they didn't pay attention while signing up? Sounds like a classy and buisinesslike thing to do on his part.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 weeks

Can't handle being called out for your bul s. H. I. T. as usual eh Frumpy?

RoseMary 2 weeks

That’s what happens when you want to support a corrupt former president. . Lol

E N..
E N.. 2 weeks

Trump never did learn that legal doesn't inherently mean not sleazy.

Glen 2 weeks

New York times always prints one side to every story. How else can you brainwash the population.

Cooper 2 weeks

Every publication, every public broadcast, they're all owned and operated by human beings. The human beings within these publications & broadcasts who're responsible for the actual dissemination of the news have opinions and editorial tendencies to support those opinions of the news. Always have, always will. If the editorial or opinion or "entertainment" factor was removed from publications and broadcasts, we'd all be learning from state-run information/propaganda networks. Network News is Entertainment. It needs to sell itself to you, so you keep buying it. Keep watching it. What I here coming from the right more often than not is an attack on the publication or broadcast INSTEAD OF an actual debatable defense of the reported facts. The right attacks the opinion/presentation of the facts rather than debating and clarifying the facts of any given story...and ultimately, always, turn it into some sort of cultural war, aka, war on the truth. Media literacy is abysmal in this country. If you're not getting your news & information from MULTIPLE sources up & down the political spectrum of editorial opinions, then you're doing yourself a grave disservice. Didn't we all grow up learning, never put all your eggs in one basket??

michael 2 weeks

Legal is not moral.

VI Trotsky
VI Trotsky 2 weeks

NYT I don’t think called it illegal. Just that Trump was shady and kinda scammed his donors. Trump lying again. Classic 45.

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