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Federal government won’t mandate COVID vaccine passports, says Fauci

Federal government won’t mandate COVID vaccine passports, says Fauci

Dr. Fauci said in an interview Monday that the government won’t be mandating vaccine passports for travel and businesses. The White House has previously indicated that any potential passports would come from the private sector. ’I doubt that the federal government will be the main mover of a vaccine passport concept,’ Fauci said. Vaccine passports has become a partisan issue in recent weeks.

Rugged Individualist
Rugged Individualist 2 weeks

They just have businesses do it. Watch, they will use it to coerce people to get the experimental vaccine by preventing services ect if you don't provide proof of vaccination. There will be two classes of citizens. "Show me the papers!!"

Irish 2 weeks

It's not enough to claim our Gov't wont overreach, they need to ensure the private sector doesnt either!!

Milly 2 weeks

Hasbro: in a capitalistic move changes “Mr. Potatohead” to “Potatohead” as the brand grows, doing this on their own will Outrage ensues (mostly from the right but I don’t like to generalize) Airlines: in a move against corporate liability, and capitalism, propose checking if their customers have vaccines. On their own wills, as businesses Outrage ensues (again mostly from the right, but that’s obviously not the only category) Gov’t: taxes businesses Outrage ensues over regulations, and people get angry because corporations should be unregulated So which one is it? Do we want businesses to be able to do what they want, without government control or intervention, or do we only want to talk in absolutes while wanting regulation when it fits our agendas?

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

There will be tax incentives and grants to pressure businesses into complying. The compensation better be huge if it is going to offset the loss of income from people who refuse the vaccine.

Glen 2 weeks

Before long the government will require a vaccine passport. The Demacrats need this to control the population. Just a matter of time. People are so easily swayed. People are sheep and will do whatever their told. The Germans did in the forties and we know where that got them.

Rocky 2 weeks

Won't and can't.🤷🏾‍♂️ So there is that. Fauci is such a useless mouthpiece at this point (really any point after his actions during the HIV crisis).

Beck70 2 weeks

As of now, these vaccines have only been approved for emergency use only. Not interested in being anyone's guinea pig, so until they're been tested more thoroughly, I will not be getting them. Any company that implements passports will not be getting my money.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 2 weeks

This is the cl0wn who can't make his mind up if masks work effectively or not? Yeah but no, dude. Credibility zero.

Tetelestai 2 weeks

hive hom a minute and he will change his mind. he hasn't gotten his orders from his handlers yet.

Conservative 2 weeks

Better not, Nazi USA

Ethan 2 weeks

Why not. As someone that just got his first vaccine and wants to travel the world again we need a more official vaccine passport that will allow us to travel to other nations. If it also helps make people take it then it is a win win scenario. But just because some people have issues with a vaccine doesnt need to make everyone else suffer and not able to travel in the same way before all of this happened.

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 2 weeks

And what's to stop me from ignoring anyone, in any business, who asks for vaccination papers? Can I sue said business for actively discriminating against me just because I didn't bring any such papers with me or just throw the stupid thing in the trash the minute I step through my door?

Rocket 2 weeks

What do you know, FEAR-MONGERING FAUCI🤡💩 is now back peddling after interviews showed that PIECE OF SHIT LYING (AS USUAL) about requiring masks AFTER bein" "vaccinated"!" What a PATHETIC SCUMBAG, QUACK!!! Wake up people! This PATHETIC SCUMBAG QUACK is pushing vaccines because he PROFITS from them!

Jay 2 weeks

Isn't this the same man who told us just a year ago that we don't want people to run around with masks on?! Yeah right...

Aaron 2 weeks

Who is this guy? A king?

a commoner
a commoner 2 weeks

I believe there will be a covid passport. I don't agree there should be. I think denying services etc. to those who don't get the shot is discrimination. And I'm a Republican who got the shot. I mentioned in another comment on a previous story my reasons why. I get the flu shot and I look at covid as another version of the flu. But I'm not judging anyone else. You do you, folks. Get the shot or don't it's your choice. Don't call me a sheep for getting the shots. Respect my choice like I respect yours.

jamie 2 weeks

Like they were gonna be able to enforce it anyway

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 weeks

There will places and countries that do require it though.

Mian 2 weeks

Democracy lol

JakeN 2 weeks

We already have mandatory vaccines for schools This is going to be no different, take the vaccine or you won't be able to go to school or work

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