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Cryptocurrency market value tops $2 trillion for the first time

Cryptocurrency market value tops $2 trillion for the first time

The value of the cryptocurrency market went past $2 trillion for the first time on Monday. The recent rally has been fueled by Ethereum, the second-largest digital coin. At the current price of $2114, Ethereum has returned over 180% since the beginning of the year. The overall crypto market has doubled in just over two months, as retail and institutional investors pile into the space.

Paul 1 weeks

“It’s a fad.” Just like the Internet, and cars, and farming and the wheel and clothing.

Shane 1 weeks

Am I too late getting into the game? I'm up 50% this past week (margin trading sure has its benefits) but between corrections in the market, an uncertain economy, and a potential crypto bubble, it seems like it's only a matter of time before it could come crashing down and my money with it

Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 1 weeks

No wonder there's no graphics cards

Salvador 1 weeks

Lol I was soooooooooooo wrong 😑

Jack 1 weeks

If you’re into benefiting off of being a contrarian; invest in Digibyte and Turtlecoin. Do your own research.

Jon 1 weeks

Not a currency

Indo 1 weeks

At the end of the day, we are more interested in it becoming a convenience rather than what is is now. Or whatever it is now. Anyone got a workable solution for it !?

geckouni 1 weeks

Crypto, Crypto, all the way....

Tom 1 weeks

If we are luck this will destroy the central banks and the world bank.

Indo 5 days

Normally a hallelujah would be in order here. But even a yawn is hard work here. And if you still need to figure that out or simply ignore its reason. Too bad a good supplement is ....

Marko 1 weeks

Bubble just waiting for the pop

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Cryptocurrency market value tops $2 trillion for the first time

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