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CBS News under fire over 60 minutes’ ’hit job’ on Ron DeSantis

CBS News under fire over 60 minutes’ ’hit job’ on Ron DeSantis

CBS News came under flak for a ’60 Minutes’ segment on the Florida vaccine rollout. On Sunday, ’60 Minutes’ reporter Sharyn Alfonsi noted that Publix, a grocery store that had tied up with Florida to distribute vaccines, had also donated $100,000 to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s 2022 re-election bid. It was perceived as an insinuation that Publix got this state contract because of the donation.

James 2 weeks

Given that CBS and 60 Minutes are left leaning, I thought it appropriate to read Yahoo News' take as they are left leaning too. Credit is due to the fact Yahoo wrote a scathing article criticizing 60 Minutes for a hatchet job that is so remote from the truth that it cannot even be considered journalism. Of course it is doubtful 60 Minutes will offer any form of apology for their cornucopia of lies because none of their fifth rate actors (no they are NOT journalists) have any moral character to tell the truth.

Rocket 2 weeks

Why didn't 60 Minutes🤡💩 do a REAL report on Cuomo, the MASS MURDERER of New York, who was responsible for the DEATHS of nearly 20,000 Elderly people?!! Or how about Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, of Murphy of New Jersey?!!! These PUNKS🤡💩 in the media are now nothing but LYING SCUMBAGS!!!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 weeks

Man, this was pretty disgusting. Especially because it's 60 minutes. Watching the speech side by side just shows how deceptive they are.

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