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A third of Covid survivors suffer neurological or mental disorders, study finds

A third of Covid survivors suffer neurological or mental disorders, study finds

A study of more than 230,000 mostly US Covid-19 survivors revealed that almost one in three of them had a brain or psychiatric disorder within six months of infection. This gives rise to concerns that the pandemic could bring a wave of mental and neurological problems. Oxford University’s Max Taquet, who led the study, psychiatric disorders are more common after Covid-19 than other flu infections.

Darren 1 weeks

"Anxiety, at 17 percent, and depression or mood disorders, at 14 percent, were the most common diagnoses, according to the research." Seems like a symptom of constant lock downs TBH.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

I'd be willing to bet that social isolation and constant stress over politics is the causation, not a flu variant. I don't like the idea becoming entrenched that having a respiratory illness could potentially effect a mental disorder, that is a little too Orwellian for me. "Paul Joseph Watson, you seem to be suffering from mental detriment due to Covid. Into the padded room for you!"

Brad 1 weeks

Nothing more than a correlation=causation fallacy. Nice propaganda though. Sounds like the medical feild trying to keep the ball rolling because they won't be the hero of the day anymore like the military does with insert war here.

Erich 1 weeks

What was the control group? A true study would compare these results with the general public. Simply isolating covid patients without a view of people who live in the same situation but not contracting covid would make this study data meaningful.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 6 days

wonder if that's related to be locked in your house for a year and the media telling you you're responsible for deaths if you socially interact with anybody

michael 6 days

Still want to crow about low lethality now? Some of these people will need welfare due to the absolutely malicious ignorance propogated by money over life republicans.

Mutatis 6 days

"The study, published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, wasn’t able to determine how the virus is linked to psychiatric conditions" Basically, they found a potential correlation, however they do not have enough information to argue causation.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 6 days

UTIs take more people than that, and ate more common. Just saying... Could it be that now the medical field is actually looking for something, they are finding issues similar to those gunshot complicated covid deaths? Yes, this covid thing is sad and uncalled for, but come on people, try to be realistic!

Diddy 6 days

Self fulfilling prophecy. We already know mental health disorders are on the rise.

Kathleen 6 days

It would more likely to believe that the covid 19 vaccines would cause mental and neurological problems!

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 6 days

Wow. Big surprise. Bunch of Republicans denying reality as usual because it doesn't fit their b u 1. 1. s h t narrative.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 6 days

But but but death rates right Republicans? Kept trying to tell you all there was more to worry about. Congratulations. You all let an overgrown meglomaniac toddler politicize a world wide epidemic and followed him in his utter 1d10cy.

Shono 6 days


Nonone Yesterday

Link to the full text of the study: I find it baffling that most outlets fail to include references to the research in question when doing science reporting, especially since a lot of journals are going open access these days.

IIzard 1 weeks

Probably just democrats

John W
John W 1 weeks

Those are the people that caught covid during a BLM riots. It not the covid.

Otto von Nordheim
Otto von Nordheim 1 weeks

Or it's the lockdowns causing the disorders.

EliteWizard407 1 weeks

Two thirds of leftists have "coping with [insert mental illness]" in their Twitter profile.

Darknimbus3 6 days

🐮 💩

James 6 days

I'm sure big pharma will have a pill for that in due course.

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