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Fauci ’not quite sure’ why Covid cases dropping in Texas after reopening

Fauci ’not quite sure’ why Covid cases dropping in Texas after reopening

Dr. Fauci acknowledged Tuesday that the reason Covid-19 cases in Texas were declining even after the state lifted restrictions might be ’confusing.’ Texas Gov. Abbott lifted a mask mandate in the state on March 2. Covid cases over the last few weeks in Texas have been on a decline. Fauci warned against declaring a victory, adding ’We’ve got to be careful we don’t prematurely judge that.’

Shane 1 months

Maybe because (1) Masks and social distancing aren't that effective, (2) We're not in peak virus season, (3) Vitamin D is essential protection against viruses, (4) A portion of the population will have immunity by now, and (5) Fauci is just a phoney. Bless Texas

Xereilia Xempheria
Xereilia Xempheria 1 months

But mah Cough-19 rules and regulations! The government never lie! Can't wait to see the mental gymnastics defenses for this scenario 😂

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Meanwhile, cases in locked-down Michigan continue to rise. Lockdowns don't work. Never have, never will. Its all a power grab by the left.

Freedom_Signal535 1 months

Fauci is nothing more than an overpaid grifter. His sole purpose is to keep the phony narrative alive. Tick-tock Fauci, the jig is up!

Matthew 1 months

It couldn't be that you are WRONG or that you have been WRONG this entire time about almost everything. That certainly can't be it. It can't be that you cannot hide from a virus, that once a virus is in a population no matter what you do it is going to run through that population (the entire premise of "slow the curve" and not "stop the virus"). It can't be those things, that certainly wouldn't explain places with the toughest lockdowns are now seeing spikes (MI, CT, NY and CA). If only leftist like Fauci were capable of self reflection. Sadly, they aren't.

Chris 1 months

Amazing, so TX opening up isn't fitting the covid-19 narrative from Fauci. This guys 15 minutes should be up...he has done nothing but flip his position for 13 months.

Erich 1 months

Freedom!!!!! I’m sure most Texans are taking what each individual deems appropriate for their situation. Our misguided Gov in Ohio thinks people need to maintain distance and wear a mask in an open stadium.

Viviko 1 months

This is because we have academic “experts” who we are starting to realize aren’t even that “expert” in their own fields making decisions on things they don’t know Jack squat about. Simple as that. These “experts” need to just keep their opinions to themselves and let us live our lives.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 1 months

How about because Fauci is a long-time beaurocratic mouthpiece that has changed his story many times and doesn't even follow his own recommendations when off camera.

Presited Biden【Official】
Presited Biden【Official】 1 months


Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 1 months

the change in season.... it’s spring, more people are out in the fresh air, getting vitamin D from the best source, more active/getting exercise. Not sucking their own bacteria back in through their moist masks also helps. For what it’s $0.02: I believe there is a high likelihood that many people were exposed to the virus but remained asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic and were never tested, or tested negative despite the exposure and so were not counted in the official numbers (keep in mind a specific genome for CoVID 19 has never been isolated). The exposure would still have triggered their immune systems to make the memory cells necessary for antibody resistance. Combine this with more relaxed masking and social distancing policies in larger states with enough large rural demographic areas that people are naturally more spread out, and there is good chance that a sub-level of herd immunity which can not be accounted for, resulted. With regard to the NIH study of the 1918 influenza, I will just say that, in my own experience, nearly every case of CoVID that I have seen, has had bacterial pneumonia and associated acute respiratory failure or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) as the main reason for admission. Other complications that developed subsequently have typically been due to cytokine storm, which is an (unregulated) immune response caused by the flood of inflammatory proteins into the bloodstream, triggered by the infection. This causes tissue and organ damage and failure and in some cases, death. I’m not saying that is every case, but it is what I have seen most often. It is just my personal opinion that the recommendations made in response to this virus, and the actions taken with regard to lockdowns, quarantines , masking, etc are what caused these waves or surges to continue and resulted in a higher number of severe infections and fatalities. I believe that had we treated this virus the same way we treat the flu every year, yes people would still have died, just as many do with the flu each year, but perhaps we would not be in the situation we are, both with the virus itself and all the other serious, negative effects we have seen across the country. I know there will be many people who disagree with me, that’s fine, it’s just my professional opinion which I don’t need to debate because the bottom line is that we will never know if it could have gone differently, at this point.

Eric 1 months

Biden admin gonna use this to prop up their no borders stance...gonna say folks is safe coming into country. Fauci leading the charge

Jellybean 1 months

UV in sunlight kills covid, just like the common cold. He apparently got his doctorate out of a cracker jack box.

Jon 1 months

Anyone that doesn't know the cases and deaths lag weeks behind just doesn't get it at this point and is not worth talking to. This has been over a year now and you still don't understand this concept? B

Irish 1 months

Perhaps because masks have been proven to provide a MAXIMUM amount of added protection from this by 1.8% if that, that's all! Essentially making them insignificant in this whole ordeal, just like OSHAs report on them before the CDC convinced OSHA to remove mask data from their website a year ago. 🙄 The lies and fake propaganda are beginning to catch up to them....finally.

Jon 1 months

Weren't the GOP just arguing immigrants were spreading Covid all over Texas? How many times can you guys destroy your own narrative and act like you have an ounce of integrity. Sigh...cultists🤦‍♂️

MIDESSA 1 months

Isnt science great, unlike politics scientist will acknowledge the facts no matter what they are as politicians have their alternative facts.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

He's a leftist puppet that's why. It dosen't fit their evil narrative. It's a flu strain that's it. Unless you're old or already ill. Leftist definitely don't want to give up their draconian power.

Omega 1 months

It is interesting to note that the surge of South American and Mexican immigrants isn't pushing the numbers higher as some feared.

michael 1 months

All these desperate culture warriors willing to overlook an outlier. Willing to overlook that when mandates are followed, they work. when people say "muh freedom" is more important than the lives of their neighbors, then mandates only work if you vigorously enforce them. America is more interested in the virtue signaling of "muh freedom" than they are in actually sacrificing to attain it. Freedom from this virus demanded we pull together. Republicans decided that money was more important than life.

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