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Gaetz fought to stall revenge porn bill, argued lovers’ images were ’his to use’

Gaetz fought to stall revenge porn bill, argued lovers’ images were ’his to use’

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who is in the center of a big sex-trafficking scandal, fought tooth and nail – as a state representative – against a bill that would have made revenge porn illegal in Florida, Tom Goodson, a former state representative told the Orlando Sentinel. Goodson said Gaetz ’thought that any picture was his to use as he wanted to, as an expression of his rights.’

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

Lol when you send someone a picture it becomes the property of the person you send it to. It's unethical to kiss and tell but if you don't want strangers looking at you babs then don't send pictures of your babs.

Dave 1 weeks

Its sad that society has sunk to such a level where this has to be considered a law. I had nudes of my ex and you know what I did after we broke up? I deleted them. Because I'm not a sociopathic scumbag. I was given those pictures in trust and as a sign of affection, what kind of lowlife do you have to be to abuse that? Regardless of what they did. People need to grow up and start acting like adults. You shouldn't need it to be illegal to make use revenge porn, it shouldn't even be a widespread problem to need a law. Christ.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Yes men like this also think signing a NDA should exonerate them from prosecution from their sex crimes. Wonder why that is, hmmmm?

namesake544 1 weeks

The guy who had sex with a minor also likes to share images of naked people. Wonder what the next logical step there is?

Potato 1 weeks

I'm not sure this headline and summary is quite as fact-based/unbiased as I was hoping for from this app. That said, not misusing images given in trust should be and IS a social norm, but should not be codified into law. I agree with Gaezts position that the images are the individuals to do with as he likes. Even if a person aught to behave a bit more appropriately than posting them online. Again, I think codifying this into law will have far reaching negative effects that outweigh any good.

michael 1 weeks

It is NOT his right to use any image. The PEOPLE in that image are the ones with the rights.

Phoenix 1 weeks

It should be commonsense that you don’t ever send nudes.

Shono 1 weeks

Smear campaign in full swing

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 weeks

What a sad guy

geckouni 1 weeks

It is a basic human decency for not causing distress unto others for your own ego or getting yourself high, if you can’t handle, the law will handle it for you.

David 1 weeks

What a creeper.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

My question is this: Will gagtz be learning how to deep throat before or after he goes to prison?

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